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Shorts, Poems, Hymns, and others writings

Updated on April 29, 2017
Ian CW Cameron profile image

Ian is a young writer from the mountains of Colorado, He has been writing since he was a toddler and his passion has not since faded at 30.

A Hike to Lily Lake

I found myself in a puddle of water, a face staring back at me. I found myself in a cloud, a face smiling back at me. I lost myself in the silent stillness and the rhythm of the water. I heard my heartbeat, a drum syncing with the earth around him.
I found myself in a puddle of water, a face staring back at me. I found myself in a cloud, a face smiling back at me. I lost myself in the silent stillness and the rhythm of the water. I heard my heartbeat, a drum syncing with the earth around him. | Source

Been there?

How many have been to Lily Lake, Estes Park, CO?

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Hogwartian-UMC day at CU boulder

Found this little jewel on my hard drive,
I can remember sitting there and the bustle that was around me...

"Most of the time it’s like the world exists in a dream; reality is only what happens outside of the self. Life swirls around the invisible stone wall that encompasses one's perception. People walk around me, not knowing or caring who I am or who anyone else is for that matter. Eyes locked on digital devices, their shoes or the slabs of concrete that sit in a linear pattern.

Today is not the usual, I feel like a spike of light has been settled right on my back. Everywhere I turn I see an unsuspecting pair of eyes look away as I go to meet them. I feel the laser sights that zero in on my shape. Their eyes are like waxed bow strings and their thoughts arrows whistling through the air.

The vibe is a slow and light one. Students filter here and there in the common room, talking about an upcoming class, the frat party that raged on last night or the cute guy that smiled at them this morning. There are small mingling crowds that filter into the doughnut shop, gossip flutters out of their mouths with the occasional 'yeah, the sprinkle one.' Or my favorite on this sunny morning, 'Can I get the bear claw, powder, and long john. Oh and the chocolate, oh and this small coffee?'

I took a peak and a tiny freshman gathered up his dream breakfast.

Just one of those things and so it goes."

A Blitzkrieg Heart

As she walks to me, I can't help but feel.

The excitement is there, the chemistry so far is great. I dig her and she digs me. My heart is enjoying it, but only to a mere fraction needed for full passion. Fear has made advances on the battlefield, giving passion and trust crushing blows... Hope, holds the high ground with excitement, intrigue, and natural attraction fight along the slopes of that strategic point. A Calvary good conversation, intimacy, and love continue to push fear back giving passion time to recoup and rejoin the others.

Leaving Trust with two options, Fight or Die, for the pressure is on both sides....

A Christmas poem, 2011

Christmas music and glowing lights; white blankets of snow line the pines.

Blue skies, warm laughter, and smiles to brighten the sun's golden hue.

A Carin sits afoot expecting goodies, as the sound of silverware announces the setting table.

A simple holiday of the best kind.

A Poem from December 23rd, 2011

Snow falling on rooftops carried from waxy pine needles drifting on a calm breeze.

The warm winter sun on my face, a glow, easy to embrace.

There is a smile, a glint off a distant snow patch.

My heart thuds, as I remember ...

Those eyes set to stun, a beauty so complete, ...

Poem from December 16th, 2011

Starlight twinkle, jewels of the sky.

A piece of heaven reflected in your eyes.

To someone special, one of a kind.

Someone who would be beautiful even if I were blind.

A Poem from December 16th, 2011

While the sun wakes, casting strips of yellow, orange a new.

The waking moon holds onto night; an ornament suspended in daylights blue.

A sight of beauty...

A poem from December 14th, 2011

When you allow your smile to show; your aura puts on an extra special glow.

There is a glitter in your eyes, a sparkle that rivals the radiance of the skies.

When it comes to beauty, your smile; there is nothing that comes within a mile.

Poem from Sept. 8th, 2010

Found this poem in my stash of notebooks, thought I would share.

"The Jewels of the world,
are not of stone, or rock
nor are the forged by fire,
They are born to women,
of light and love.
Refracting the sun and
moonlight with glints of pure joy."

A poem from September 21st, 2010

" Why can't we see the world open up,
Why can't we visualize a united world,
Why can't we see the possibility?

It's time for us all to...

Free-eee-eee your mind,
Let the things go that see-eem blind,
don't hold back the urge to change
and fight the wrongs that have become a norm"

Poem from August 25th, 2010

I see a positive energy, the light that blades through the darkness.

It fills people with happiness, smiling as the do the daily.

As I reach for it, the hilt disappears and the light fills me.

Five Sheets of Wind (11/19/2006)

New Poem: Five Sheets of Wind

In the presence of wind
Most miraculous thinks can happen
The love of someone sweeps you off your feet
And sometimes slams you to the ground
The endless search for partnership
I sit here listening to "The One I Love" by David Gray
I think about who I love.
I think of my friends from home and the HUGE chunk they occupy
I think of the new friends I've made and the smaller piece they own
I think of my family: My Brother growing up and my parents.
I think of my past love, The golden times at prom.
I think of and the long awaiting reunion with all of them
My heart has been beaten and pounded but it still pumps
I see the good times of old and the awaiting good times to come
I see the Fray concert and Michelle's Smile.
I just know that life is testy and my heart is hanging in there.
Five sheets of wind, They blow you in strange directions
Love, Hate, Hurt, Missing, and Renewal.
You can't escape it and you think about it


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