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Should I go to Las Vegas Amazing Comic Con?

Updated on July 18, 2013

The Mecca of all comic fans and fanatics is the San Diego Comic-Con International. The only problem is that it's only once a year! It can also be a bit pricey and take some planning to make the most of the trip. To compensate, a lot of smaller comic cons are starting to pop up all over the U.S. during the interim. The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con had its first presentation this year, and I hope this hub helps to determine whether it will be worth going for you. Below are the pros and "cons".

Size of the Convention

Ultimately this may change from year to year and vendor to vendor. However, the actual market place, where artists, writers, and merchants sell items and speak with fans, is roughly under about 4 football fields or 24,000 square yards. It's a respectable size. It is significantly smaller than the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), being about 1/6th the total area or less. I believe this is a strong point for the Las Vegas Comic con. Artists and writers feel less overwhelmed with a mass of people flooding their booths in an endless cycle. Many of them are quite nice and open, and there was a more relaxed feel than the SDCC. They also managed to pack quite an array of booths into the small area.


Diversity of booths

Local comic shops, online comic stores, big name artists, writers, you name it! There's an eclectic group of retailers at the con. You'll find many great deals and prices on all kinds of comics, especially collected editions. There are quite a few dedicated cosplay (costume) booths with professional models. Another major force in the market place is prints. Prints are poster style copies of original drawings which are often signed by the artist. There are also multiple signing throughout the day.

He's more of a Captain America fan.
He's more of a Captain America fan. | Source


One of the biggest reasons comic con goers make such an effort to attend these conventions is to see the panels of their favorite artists, writers, actors, and shows. SDCC has several panels running at once for 4 days straight. There were very few panels at this year's Amazing Comic Con. It's tough to compare it to SDCC as there's a huge gap, but the events given were fun and interesting. There were costume contests, scavenger hunts, and talks on how to break into the comic book business given by professionals. One of the most attended events was Jim Lee's panel on how to draw.

Rick Remender (the writer of the recent Venom arc) and a crazed fan.
Rick Remender (the writer of the recent Venom arc) and a crazed fan. | Source

The Big Names in the Industry

There were many talented and awesome artists and writers that came to show their love for fans at the comic con, but undeniably the two most anticipated were Stan Lee and Jim Lee. Stan Lee created or helped to create many of the heroes of the Marvel universe that we all love. Jim Lee drew the unforgettable images of many of the greatest stories. If you ask any serious comic book fan who their favorite artists or comics are, Jim Lee will always be mentioned.

While Jim Lee had signings for free, they need to limit Stan Lee's signings, so he wouldn't be overwhelmed. The fee for Stan Lee's signing was a VIP pass for nearly $100. On top of these two favorites were other great artists, including Greg Capullo, Rick Remender, and more.



Ultimately, the current price is definitely worth it. It's a good starter con, and the intimacy of the size makes for a more cohesive and memorable experience. There are tons of great people visiting and working at the comic con to make this come together. I will be attending next year. Of course, you should bring your own snacks as their food is way overpriced!

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