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Should Your Library Be Closed

Updated on March 15, 2009

 Economic change finds state governments cutting their budgets.  One of the public organizations impacted by the budget cuts is the local library.  I realize that with the Internet, many people might think that libraries are no longer viable.  However, when you stop to think about the billions of people around the globe who do not yet have access to the Internet, the role that local libraries play in a child's access to written knowledge, becomes clear.

In Pennsylvania alone the state government cut the library budgets nearly in half, by millions of dollars.  Those types of steep cuts not only decrease the numbers of staff libraries can hire, it also impacts the relevancy of a library's online presence.  After all, it takes people to keep library websites current and up-to-date. 

Even if you don't frequent your local library often (especially if you are an adult and graduated with your postsecondary degree), there are children and families in your communities who do benefit greatly from the library.  Many libraries today provide free access to a computer which might, for some people, be the only time that they access the Internet. 

There used to be a time when the types of schools, banks, places of worship and libraries in a town spoke volumes about that town.  After all, it's people who make up these organizations.

So what do you think?  Should the library where you live be closed?  Have you noticed that the library where you live has cut back on its services or hours?  Do you support your local library?

Me.  I remember visiting the library when I was a kid.  I was like the little girl in the movie "Matilda".  My life would be completely different if there had been no libraries for me to visit and access when I was a child.  I went to faraway places and learned to dream even bigger because of books and pictures and tapes I read and listened to and studied when I was at the library. 

The library . . . it's a quiet place that houses a wealth of information.  One may never know how deeper libraries have enriched, educated and strenghtened people's lives and knowledge base.

But I'm curious what you think.

Thank you.


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    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 8 years ago

      In India we don't have the concept of public libraries and small private ones find it hard going. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have access to some sort of library!

    • Nayberry profile image

      Nayberry 8 years ago from

      The library is too important of a place to close down. It is a must-have in the community. In my hometown the library is more than just a place to go and check out books, it is a meeting place for students taking online courses. It is a place where children who don't have computers at home to go and do homework. It is a place where stay-at-home moms can take their little ones on a rainy day for an afternoon of fun and learning, and it is so much more. I have seen people go in and check out books that they could not afford to buy. What would happen to those who have a thirst for reading and no where to go to quench that thirst?


    • denisewrtr37 profile image

      denisewrtr37 8 years ago from Philadelphia

      I agree. Thanks for the comment!

    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

      The public library is essentiall if for no other reason than they help equal the playing field by providing books, magazines, programs and computer access , to name a few services, to those who can not afford to purchase them in the market place.