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Shower Affair

Updated on June 10, 2015

As I remove my clothes turn you on and let it rain

The mirror so foggy, mind doing the same

So deep in the mirror I've written your name

It's just so hot...I anticipate the drops

Can you feel what I feel floors getting so wet

Your heat drives me crazy, the walls sweat

Yes whisper to my muscles soothe my pains down to my toes

Sorry I hold inside my conversations to degrade my woes

Don't worry its not you I'm working hard to be spiritual since it's gone

Now you're only warm, I'm sorry at times I have affairs with being alone

The air is filled with Curve body wash in here

Sorry we don't have that relationship where feelings we share

Does it hurt? You're so cold...really just so cold and for me it's getting late

You're just here for the moment we can never be together it's just not our fate

See you only make me feel good for that moment and that's unfair

You're just a 2 to 3 day routine thing let me dry off and get out of here

© 2010 WordNLipsAffair


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    • profile image

      Sunny 5 years ago

      That's sexy and cold!!

    • profile image

      Wow 5 years ago

      You can really write

    • WordNLipsAffair profile image

      WordNLipsAffair 7 years ago

      Lisa I think the man in this one is the sensitive one also.

      Brainspace I'm glad I draw you in.

    • BrainSpace profile image

      BrainSpace 7 years ago from North Carolina

      I'm so drawn to your poetry, it's so deep.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      Sensitive Shower..I like it!!!