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'Shrooms & Trees': A Poem

Updated on October 23, 2016

by D Shannahan

All I wanna do is watch the sky

It makes a lot more sense than flying a sign

What I need is only weed and psychedelics

The mind is the culprit -

I've lost in all I've bet in

When I start stressin -

Its usually because I think I don't got what I need

When I don't give a care

Life don't give a care about me

I be sittin by the water feeling at peace

Why do I need to do a thing?

Everything is happening right now

I'm just drunk on life

Drugged through the soil and the strife

Only to realize

Just the restlessness of the mind

Take control of ya destiny

No guessin me

Lost all desire to be someone or some thing

Life is like live music -

Many parts of one thing

So tell the band and choir drop the beat and then sing.


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    • profile image

      advanceexplorfer4 6 months ago

      That speaks to my heart. Thanks, Brother... for the inspiration:

      to those who can see

      and those who can hear,

      let not the towns

      sap away the years.

      under the trees

      may all find rest.

      release the tightness

      deep from the chest.

      are you seeing?

      it's a door-less trap.

      are you looking?

      for shrooms perhaps?

      then follow us,

      and tread with fun

      but softly please

      near the silocybins.

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