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Si mañana te vas, mañana te olvido.

Updated on May 28, 2012



leave me now

do not look back

forget my face

my touch

my heart has run empty

no more love

no more lust

this fire you started

inside of me

it has spread beyond repair

you've done nothing more

than feed it air

you've done your duty

you've shattered my heart

now move along to the next

please DEPART

i wish i could say

there was more good than bad

i wish i could say i felt

more happy than sad

i beg you please

to leave me alone

you've done enough damage

not only to my heart

but deeper

to my soul


watching you sleep

but nothing compares

i wish you the best

even after a year

a year of ups but mostly downs

these unrelenting memories

i will carry

keep my feet off the ground

i am sorry i fell for you

it was out of my control

God led us together

now fate tears us apart

what more can i say?

beneath your feet

i will pick up these pieces

pieces of my broken heart.


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