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Sibling Story in a Delightful Picture Book with the Discovery that a New Baby Sister Adds New Skills to Life

Updated on March 12, 2018
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Delightful picture book with lesson in getting along with a new baby sister
Delightful picture book with lesson in getting along with a new baby sister | Source

Delightful Picture book with Story and Lesson in Dealing with the Arrival of a New Baby

Andrea Zuill's delightful picture book and story of Marigold & Daisy has a fun lesson for older siblings who experience the arrival of a new baby in the home. Everyone is always excited about the arrival of a new baby in the home, but it can certainly be annoying for the older sibling when the new baby gets all of the admiration and attention. The arrival of Daisy as Marigold's new baby sister is exciting but soon becomes annoying when everyone is always commenting on how cute she is and how adorable and tiny she is. There were more things to admire about Daisy as she grew. Marigold tried talking to her dad about Daisy but he was not understanding. Marigold finally decided that Daisy was an "evil genius" who was so cute that she was going to rule the world with her cuteness. Daisy was soon paying attention to Marigold and decided that Marigold was admirable as a big sister. But Marigold was annoyed that Daisy was beginning to invade her personal space. Marigold had had enough when she discovered something that Daisy did that was just awful. Mom did nothing about the dreadful thing that Daisy did. Marigold took off and became the victim of a bully. It was amazing that her baby sister stepped up to help and the bully was conquered. Marigold discovered that her baby sister really admired her and wanted to protect her. Baby sisters and brothers can come in handy sometimes! There is a surprise ending that readers will find hilarious.

Zuill writes with regular text and adds conversational bubbles when the characters are talking to each other. She also adds her talent as an illustrator to bring brightly colored illustrations that fill each page. Marigold & Daisy was published by Sterling Children's Books and is recommended for ages 3- 8. It has an ISBN of 9781454922933.

Illustrations are Brightly Colored in Pastels with Cartoon-Like Characters and Bubbled Conversations

The cuteness of the new baby is annoying to Marigold
The cuteness of the new baby is annoying to Marigold | Source
Daisy comes to the aid of her big sister when the bully bullies Marigold
Daisy comes to the aid of her big sister when the bully bullies Marigold | Source

Lesson Ideas for Using Marigold and Daisy in Your Classroom

Picture books for young children are always a useful tool when teaching a concept. Both teachers and parents will find Zuill's Marigold & Daisy a fun read aloud to use when a family has a new baby arrival and the sibling has difficulties with the new baby sister or brother.

*Read Marigold & Daisy in a story session. Make a class chart of the number of children in the classroom who have had the experience of a new baby sister or brother. It is also a fun activity to use small expression stickers that are available to record the feelings that the older siblings have when the new baby sister or brother arrives.

*Call attention to the conversational bubbles when the characters are talking to each other.

*Brainstorm with the class to get ideas about how their new baby sister or brother annoys them. This can be used as a group writing task to introduce young children to the idea that their words can be translated into print. Be sure to use the child's exact words when you record their ideas and read their words back to them as you read.

*How does Daisy annoy Marigold?

*Call attention to the large print and use as a dramatic reading experience on the page when Daisy is singing and on the page when she yells at the bully that Marigold encounters.

*Brainstorm ideas about children's thoughts on how their new baby sister or brother has actually become a friend to them. What activities can they share together as they grow together? How do parents help with sibling rivalry when a new baby arrives?

*How does the older sibling keep their personal space at home and do their parents allow them to have activities without the baby sister or brother?

*What is the reaction to the surprise ending?

When a New Baby Arrives

How can parents help with sibling rivalry when a new baby arrives in the family?

See results

© 2018 Cindy Hewitt


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    • chewtt2 profile imageAUTHOR

      Cindy Hewitt 

      9 months ago from Sarasota

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, it's an adorable picture book and story. Check out some of my other reviews. Thanks so much. Lots of adorable picture books for young children that I have reviewed.

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      How beautiful!

      What cute animals and what a lovely story.

      Thankyou for sharing this children's book with us.


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