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Sickness Crowd

Updated on August 28, 2017

Sickness Crowd by José "Yaguar" Rodríguez

The debate

The Dialectic

The tirade

Lose hope in confrontation

Of the general ideas, popular, majority.

Explode the bubble

And out just stupidity

Limitation, deception and forgetfulness

The most human human idolatry

The murderer, the swindler, the totalitarian

The parasite, the prude, the traitor.

Wasting time

Discuss with them

It really is an option?

You have the arguments

And it just is not enough

For crowded minds

At the entrance of the Vatican

In marches of racial supremacy.

Self-defense libertarian

That is my path drawn

Well I do not impose and I do not even reveal

Like those "illustrious Puritan Blesseds"

Hypocrites to themselves

Natural perversions,

Biological in them

As in everyone

Many times denied

Often repressed

To give a place

To the most revolting events.

I do not impose but express

My truths in my freedom

No euphemisms!

I do not proliferate the fear of sounds

Neither to the ideas

Skepticism is the way

To true knowledge

And doubt is my friend

And my friends who doubt.

There's no future

In the crowds

In the games

In hierarchical or fashion groups.

Share with individuals

Who have struggled to be so

Or want to fight for it

That they have been deductive

And through that

They have gained countless freedoms

That we celebrate every day

Kill the idea of ​​gods and states

And like George Carlin

Also become observers

Enjoy the chaos of this fucking world.

© 2017 Jose Luis Parra Rodriguez


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