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Siddha Be Risen

Updated on December 3, 2012
Abstract Painting By The Awful Poet
Abstract Painting By The Awful Poet

I’d rather not, join the political campaign of control no thank you!

You sheep led by winners eating aborted fetus five star dinners.

They hire high dollar hookers on television paying with your tax’s….

They wear human skin suites and the ties bleed neon red vibrantly…

Siting in the seats the narrowing minded audience shout

Child exploited!

Child adapt!

Child I beg!

Child fight back!

Mass care less accept versca good hair and fine dress…

Shame soaked cloaked academy winners drug induced drunks blowing riches….

Caught by the enlighten mass and controlled by dark figures it come like night…

During day the sun shall not be raised he/she now shall be risen blood spraying …

Coagulating graffiti to be written

I’d rather not, no thank you be involved in political campaigns of sadistic intention.

Time has now come to awake sleeping snakes whom sleep with enlightened

The mass will now perish…

The children adapting... evolving.... transcending.

Rather not, no thank you good bye ...

buy one second free cloaked dark figures…

Coupon death illuminati death concept creator…

Death is an illusion….

Smile enlightenment child…

Narcotic future is rising!


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