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Sieze The days.

Updated on March 9, 2011


Seize The Day.




With my pen I will slay
all doubters and cynics,
expressing my angst
in sharp words that can cut,
finding answers to questions
and questioning answers,
till my last breath exhaled,
leaves a body of work.

Finger-painting love's glory
in flowery verses
which help me to gather
many budding romances,
to fill up the dark,
empty vase of my soul.

My politics can't hope win 
Republican'ts endorsements,
Demoncrats often tell me
just where I should go,
my faith lies in rants,
hoping voters discover,
new ways to hang chads,
and help change status quo.

For we are a force,
that can move hearts to reason,
by simply arranging
the gist of our words,
think of poems in the past
that drove masses to new hope,
songs like "Give Peace A Chance."
that helped end unjust war,
Bible words centuries old
that led millions to Jesus.

There's a poem undiscovered
that awaits someone's name,
with a prize oh so noble,
as their trophy to claim,
write relentlessly daily,
there are nations to tame.
contests still uncontested,
seize your moment of fame.


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