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Silent Snows

Updated on April 15, 2010

Path thrugh the snow pines

A winter wonderalnd of silence and beauty awaits
A winter wonderalnd of silence and beauty awaits

Silent Snows

Softly settles the silent settling snow

Erasing every trace where ever I go.

It’s so silent you can hear it fall.

Nothing is stirring, no not at all.

squeaking crunch under snow shoe feet

Powder snow spraying ahead so neat.

Pulling a laden toboggan to home

Where someone dear is waiting alone.

Snow around playing in a dervish dance

As I move in peculiar snow shoe prance.

Pine tree tops arcing under the load.

Maple naked branches standing so bold.

Round the gentle rounded snow bends

I trudge my way to home to wend.

Lone wolf peers with intense eyes

Wondering if winter hunger to deny.

Reaching for my trusty three oh three.

He changes his mind, turns and flees.

Padding and jumping through ample snow.

Back to his pack he’s decided to go.

It’s so cold my breath comes like steam

Of a great bygone locomotive in scene.

The lurching pace keeps me in march

As I round the bend in the building dark.

There in the distance, light from the farm.

A place of winter peace safe from harm.

Eagerly trudging my way to the lamp light.

Making way through powdered snow bright

A deep show blanket rests on top of the roof.

Massive column icicles stand as glinting proof.

One stirs inside peeking though frosted glass.

It is none other than my waiting fair lass.

Stowing laden toboggan out of harms way

Greeted at the door by someone to stay.

Greeted by warm embrace on cold night.

Ample snow brushed off my coat to flight.

Gathering some chopped logs, hasten to fire.

To be some place so warm, my urgent desire.

We cozy together near crackling popping blaze.

Into the warm orange light we blissfully gaze.

Enjoying a hot meal and a bracing drink

A little piece of paradise in winter sink.

Outside it has now grown quite cold and dark.

Inside, fire roaring, giving off myriad sparks.

We cozy together, sharing our warm love.

Keeping each other warm like hand in glove.

Snow and fire lull us into a winter’s sleep.

Drifting off in the settling soft silent deep.

Content in love, drifting off in silence deep.

The only sound is the roaring fire to keep.

Embraced in my true love’s warming hold.

Held in winter silent settling embrace cold.

Falling asleep in my true love’s embrace.

Embracing my true love both in our place.

Softly settles the silent settling snow

Erasing every trace where ever I go.


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