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Silent Struggle

Updated on August 21, 2017
Naomi Aden profile image

An amateur poet, being that she has no published poetry works preferring to keep them trapped in her laptop but here they come ready or not.

As the dawn fell upon the land

A sight I could never phantom

People with spirits, lacking a soul

Whose silent footsteps left a mark of pain on my soul.

They walked past me never stopping to ask for help

Heads held down as in a prayer

But this was not so

There I stood contemplating what the problem was

I heard it coming from not too far away


I swear I heard it

I traced the sound with my ears, my feet following suit

Racing breaking my own speed limit

What I saw before me barely separated, but that was all it took

They were far away enough to see what they had caused

But not near enough to partake in it

I saw the people being thrown off the edge, swimming to shore

Bearing the same expression on their faces

Invoking joy in those who had pushed them off

I do not know where I got the strength

But I flew, Yes I did!

Bridging the cap, I was almost there, I swear I was!

I felt my wings being clipped

My efforts to help stamped on and extinguished like a match stick

Before I was cast back whence I came from

I bore the mark of shame, of failure

I looked at my destroyed wings

Would I ever get the strength to grow them back out again?



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    • Naomi Aden profile image

      NAOMI ADENIJI 6 weeks ago from China

      I appreciate the fact that you can relate to this. Thank you.

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 weeks ago from Louisiana, USA

      Very deep and emotional words you wrote in this poem. Some of this I can relate too. Some people come and go in our life so quickly. Great work.