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Silver Illuminates

Updated on December 29, 2013

Someone has an agenda
Someone has a plan
Someone means to cause you pain
Black or white
the eye can only see
what you truly percieve.

Halls with closing walls
traps have been laid
some how they wait
the right opportunity comes
they have to hide behind a mask
never reveal their true selves
deceptions and lies block their way.

Bright headlights shine on you
blind, you can feel the hate
ill intentions come from every way
ill treatment they hope you can never escape.

Walk towards the light
fill your heart with love
push the walls back their way
spring the trap the other way
no need for hate

Perceptions change when you awake
run the race with grace
Never a reason to fear silence
When you face the grey shades
confusion lifts from you face
you won't fall if you balance your soul
darkness fills with peace

stars shine brighter from afar
the universe isn't so small
solutions to problems are everywhere
clarity of vision is clearer
when you step through the mirror.
silver reflects the plans
the agendas and deceptions.

Silver illuminates the fears
when you know your self
well enough and even the human race
emotions are all the same
feelings are all the same

You open your eyes and see the truth
without them saying a word.
They no longer can hide or escape
when you see right through the mirror
they aim at you.


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