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Silver Wings and Morn...

Updated on July 8, 2016

On silver wings, she comes to me

Through darkness and despair

White clouds upon her shoulders draped

And stars within her hair

With words of truth upon her lips

And Morning in her care

Not knowing why she calls to me

When all has gone to grey

She sings to me in colors pure

To usher in the day

Her song it tries to give me strength

But hope has lost its way

She beckons now with silent eyes

My sorrows in her thought

The night has come, she feels it now

Such havoc I have wrought

A maze of dark descending fast

In webs of fate I’m caught

The shadows come to take me back

And know I can’t hold true

They know I’m weak and take their fill

Lost fears creep into view

With crooked gape and cavern vast

My fall begins anew

She senses now, this Queen of Light

The darkness closing fast

And reaches out to comfort me

With stories of the past

She wraps me up in robes of Sun

The time has come at last

Her warmth it has a hold on me

But shadows’ lure is strong

The loneliness and bitter chill

I’ve known it for so long

When faith was gone, and valor too

It played a siren’s song

I question now, which way to turn

My thoughts are torn asunder

The light, the dark, the nevermore

Which way is right? I wonder

With quiet strength, she sings to me

As currents pull me under

What do you fear? She asks me now

When paths ahead are clear

Your past, the now, the coming days

The things that you hold dear

And reaching out, she offers me

Salvation without fear

What is this thing she gives to me?

That makes me burn inside

A gift, she says, to bring the dawn

And wash away the tide

My hands are lit with glories past

I turn to her as guide

Come walk with me, I hear her say

Her words are proud and true

The magic and the mystery

I have such sights for you

Down bitter paths, through storm and black

I’ll see you safely through

The road seems clear, though I am blind

My vision still dark grey

I feel the end, it’s different now

Her stars, they’ve lead the way

Unburdened by the doubts and fears

Awakened to the day

Creation swirls around me now

I utter not a sound

She leads me through its beauty pure

Its hold on me profound

In awe, I look at sights unseen

And changing all around

With destiny revealed to me

The shadows shrink away

My mind it floods with color now

No longer am I prey

Long hidden paths at once revealed

I finally see the way

And as I look upon my truth

The vision starts to wane

I know the road that I must choose

The path to keep me sane

Bright hues they start to blend and turn

No longer is there pain

I’m now engulfed in black again

Though different now this time

For deep within its farthest reach

I hear a gentle rhyme

As soothing words drift down to me

Attended with a chime

Now as I rise from slumber deep

The shades of doubt are gone

The morning light it calls to me

Warm winds blow softly on…

The circle has enclosed on me

The miracle of dawn

I quickly look yet cannot find

The one who tamed my night

This Queen of Light on winds of change

Has surely taken flight

She’s far away, yet strangely near

Just on the edge of sight

I understand so clearly now

The knowledge sets me free

My dream is not a dream at all

But living just like me

She came to me with all her grace

And taught me how to see

As years go by, I’ll seek again

That night that made me whole

The memory so near to me

Her words had touched my soul

What once was lost came back to me

And hope reclaimed its role

When time is right, I’ll feel her near

The moonlight in her eyes

Bright stars will beckon once again

To rid me of the lies

She’ll softly make her way to me

On Silver Wings, she flies…


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    • Teylina profile image

      Teylina 6 years ago

      A "Queen of Light' 'On Silver Wings and Morn..." - oh, what poetic imagery! Love it! I am definitely NOT a morning person, but this poem may help me cope better! Well done!