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Simply invisible

Updated on June 3, 2017

tonight the heat in my house

compares with the hottest range oven

ever created & my wife pleasantly stands with a smile

while she exhumes the flames from the floors of hell

and watches me burn

I doubt the agony will stop so I sit at my desk

and remember our playful interruptions & nuances

as I look closer at the point on the stairs

where you always laid

as still as a sphinx

waiting for me to poke my head around the corner

and in an exaggerated smile, yell "Gotcha"

the precious lights we used

to put shadows on the walls

to create exquisite sculptures

have turned their shine onto the surface of my desk

no more tiny fingers bunny hoping in McGrego'rs garden

now those memories remain with me

and they play in happy union with animated ecstasy

a place where bad, murmurs don't belong

a place where nothing is broke

Just timeless moments

and ineffable dreams


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 weeks ago

      I find joy in the simplest moments. Today was an exceptional day. Even though busy just cutting grass and watering the plants and a small garden I have so much fun being outside with nature. Most people would rush to get it done. I push along and think and dream. Seeing what is beautiful and what I want to change. Nature keeps growing and doesn't wait for no one. Even though I don't want weeds I respect them for growing in all temperatures without even being watered. If we look at a time in our life and view it from someone else's eyes. A loving home where their family lives. Where they can rest after a long day with the conveniences of technology. From t.v. to computers. The microwave to an I phone. Connecting to any part of the world at an instant. No need to leave ever. With the refrigerator and freezer filled with all our favorite foods. Family is the tightest bond that expands and lives to carry on our name. A home is more than just a building but a safe house from the craziness of the outside world. It protects us from all the elements and it is has all the small items of furniture and belongings that are dearest to us. Have a great day. I love to take naps in our comfty bed in the middle of the day to refresh my energy and power.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 months ago

      Nobody can explain how you feel at any moment in time better than you. The trouble is it is so easy to except someone else's reason or explanation over our own. Because it is quick and simple. People are lazy. The faster we get the answer the better. Not really. We are forgetting how to question and think for ourselves. If we find answers different than our friends and peers that also means confrontation and problems. If we look at the big picture a difference of opinion is just that another view. I am sure so many people did not see that coming. We have to do what is best for us. It is never too late. All we have to do is figure out a way. No matter how long it takes. Stay true to yourself and passionate about your dreams. It is a good thing that our jobs are different than our dreams. If we wrote every day all the time we might lose interest and desire. So when we do write it makes it even more special. Thank you for being a good friend as well as a creative force in writing. So nice to see you and your family. I will be here writing as well as putting the next twenty years finishing my long and happy career. It is a pleasure to share.

    • ChangingTides2331 profile image

      ChangingTides2331 2 months ago from Danvers, Mass

      Dream On, you're very right. What makes a classic a classic? Is it a classic or a paperweight. We see old photos in black & white, but people lived in color & the things I now see as outdated were cutting edge. Great authors are immortalized but they're just like us

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 months ago

      Writings that we make take words and create pictures in our minds. These pictures can be real or imagined. They can explore the world we live or things that have never happened. Each experience can be shared in vivid detail. Keep writing and developing your craft. So many stories need to be written. I often pick up books to read and think what was the author thinking when he or she wrote this book. Was this his first and only book he ever wrote. A story about love. In the story did he talk about how society views love. His own deep desires to be loved. The world of love to explore. Forbidden love. Love from someone else that we didn't expect. A love not experienced yet. Was the book well received by his peers. Was the book a flop. Did it make it on the best sellers list.Was he or she ahead of their time and sharing views the world didn't understand at that time. Dreams of love. Love in the making. I see too deep into the book many say. Other people say it is just a novel and nothing more. I think this person spent five years or more writing it every day. How it could be nothing. How many people take time out of their busy lives every day to explain their story to the world. Maybe they never made their book complete and their pages sit filed away in an old book that I just happened to buy at a thrift shop. I hold in my hands the only copy of so many years of sweat, heartache and love. How wonderful is that book now. How special and grateful that I found it. So please write your dreams, ideas, fantasies and set them free for all to see. There are no guidelines or deadlines. Only a thought and persistence that makes it possible. I enjoy your writings and your choice of words. I feel it is my own obligation as a writer to write out of passion not for any other reason. Have a wonderful Friday. Your weekend is here. Enjoy with your family.