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Sin Suckers.

Updated on January 13, 2010

Sin Suckers!

The rubiks cube,
was actualy a

pandora's box,
which no

one had yet
figured out

how to open,
till Hoshimoto

just the right

unleashing an

endless stream
of dark pink

galloping gourmet
Sin suckers

on the world at large.


they had
so much sin

to consume,
and each grew

so large by the task,
that they eventually

blew up and

vaporized all of

mankind in the act.

Leaving planet earth

in pristine shape,
with all the human

debris blending,
with the red pink

sin suckers parts,

scattered far and wide
fertilizing a

new world now
empty of disruptive life,
leaving nothing but

animals and insects,
to scurry over the

many bones framing
one Rubiks cube

in a large meadow,
east of tomorrow.




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