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Sing Like a Star the Next Time You Sing With These 10 Tips

Updated on March 12, 2018

Sing like a star the next time you sing with these 10 tips

Singing like a star is an art form that most desire to have but only a few have the ability to pull it off. While you and I both would like to sing like a star the next time we take the stage or while singing in front of our friends, it is a harder feat than it seems. Like all art forms, singing requires time to harness one’s true capacity to deliver a flawless performance. It involves months of hard work and years of dedication to be proficient in this art form. While this blog piece can’t guarantee your assured success but these following tips will definitely help you go on the right path.

  • Get proper direction: Although we are in the age of DIY where everything happens to get a do-it-yourself manual, it is always helpful to get a professional’s help in the field. The YouTube is filled with people providing helpful tips in harnessing proper vocals but getting the help of a proper professional has its perks, a lot in fact like knowledge of proper stance, exercises etc.
  • Know your range: While you and I would both strive to hit the high notes of some of the incredible artists all around the world, it is not possible for every one of us to do that. Each person has their vocal range and knowing this helps a long way in finding one’s sound as every person has a range in which the person’s vocals sound the best.
  • Breathing Exercises: Breathing properly is an important aspect of singing like a star. Being sure that one has enough air in the tank to take one through a lyric is very essential. By doing regular, proper breathing exercises one can help achieve this factor. Breathing in through belly rather than chest helps improve one’s sound and helps have better control over the vocals
  • Proper stance while singing: Having a proper stance in everything makes for halfway through a job. In singing as well, while some experts argue that sitting while singing is better, other experts, on the other hand, argue that standing is better. While singing one should keep his/her head up and in line with one’s shoulder, it is also highly recommendable to relax one’s shoulders while singing.
  • Warming up: Like in any activity, it is imperative to have a proper warm-up before singing. You must have proper warm-up exercises lined up before singing, some of these warm-up exercises should be to warm up both upper and lower voice, doing scale like “Ooh wee ooh oohweeoohweeohh” helps stretch the corners of your mouth wider.
  • Diaphragm development: It is very important to tighten up your diaphragm. A tighter diaphragm while singing makes for stronger vocals. Some basic inhale and exhale exercises can help you get the foundation right for a better diaphragm.
  • Drinking enough water: Dehydration is a big enemy of proper singing. Being sure that your body is hydrated all the time is a step that you should be very careful one, at least 8 glasses of water a day. It is also important that one drinks hot water and avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine before singing as these drinks dehydrate you. You should also avoid sugary drinks as well.
  • Avoid sugar and dairy products before singing: Having foods that increase the mucus formation in the throat makes for difficulty in singing. Avoid eatables like Yogurt, Cheese, Ice-cream, and foods in close relation to these foods to avoid hardships while singing.
  • Don’t Smoke: While smoking harms the health of a person, the other thing that it also harms is the ability to sing well. Smoking affects the lungs of a person which affect the breathing and this hinders one’s ability to breathe properly while singing.
  • Avoid overdoing it: While practice does make one perfect but one must understand that there is a fine line between practicing and overdoing it. Like many things, overdoing your singing can also affect your singing abilities. Be sure not to push your voice over and out of your limit going too high for too long to be better as it can result in damage to vocal chords. Find your unique spot and do something around that rather than pushing towards inevitable damage.

These are just some of the many tips that you require nailing your next performance. Be sure to abide by these tips to get into the zone and sing like a star. Like everything, proper singing takes time too, the key is to not give up, with regular dedication and by following these tips you can sing like a star too. Persistence is the key.


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