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Single Mother Poem

Updated on December 29, 2014
wisdom25 profile image

Maurice Bishop, a powerful, spoken word Poet currently serving in the United States Army. Published Author & Motivational Speaker.


I never knew this woman name but she had a beautiful frame.

Long hair, nice smile, and intelligent in the brain.

Dark skinned with brown eyes, another model in the game.

The most beautiful star I’ve ever seen dance in the rain.

Medical assistant that works with persistent.

Modeling on the side hoping her dreams goes the distant.

Her role model is Beyonce, favorite song is Yonce.

Drunk in Love and made love to her fiancé.

They had a Jay Z & Beyonce relationship.

Both with great jobs so they’re making it, dreams they were chasing it.

Every obstacles was overcome by facing it.

Haters hating it and thought they were faking it and used everything in their power to try breaking it.

But it never phased the couple.

And in return their blessings were double.

Nice crib and a beautiful daughter.

And a site to see like staring at the islands and its clear blue waters.

She has a great life that women would die for.

A daughter and a man they would cry for.


But let this story be told.

Everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Engaged and soon to be married but their marriage never happened.

Because their sky blue passion of love blacken.

The happiest woman alive but she was dead inside.

Because her man pregnated another woman on the side.

She cried and continued to cry because the man that she love habitually lied.

And it hurts even more to see her daughter cry because she can’t fathom why her mother has tears in her eyes.

Now a single mother telling her daughter everything will get better.

But hard to explain why her daddy and her aren’t living together.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when her man wallow in lust.

But the thought of another woman has her blood pressure up.

Her heart crush so she fuss and she cuss and puts her middle finger up.

And put his every clothes in her grill and burn it all to dust.

When men approach her with a “Hey sexy, hey gorgeous, Yo girl what up” she looks in disgust.

Fierce attitude with her guard up and not giving her heart up.

Only care about her family and daughter and getting these major bucks.

But on the inside she wants to be a wife but she practically gave up.

Tried dating other guys but had nothing but bad luck.

And having a title of a girlfriend isn’t enough.

So out of the blue she decided to lay next to her daughter in bed

With tears in her eyes she asked God, “To receive love do I have to beg?’’


Then God said, “I begged you to talk to me since you were born.

I gave you intuition so your heart wouldn’t be torn so you’ve been warned.

I’m a jealous God and no man comes before me.

It’s ironic that all the selfies you take, you still couldn’t see that you were created for me.

I’m the reason for the air you breathe.

And you crucified me with your actions for years and I still didn’t leave.

No man can protect, provide and love like me.

Nor pray hard for you till they bleed like me.

You may not see me with your physical eyes.

But I’ve sent angels to watch over you in disguise.

But you chose a man that wasn’t for you to love and touch you.

And although you had your child out of wedlock I drew smiles in her face to show you I love you.

I still love you even to this day.

I created the sun for you so you can wake up every day.

Your heart torn but the words from my lips can heal you quick.

And I created joy in your daughter life to show you that happiness exist.

Man will fail you but I never will.

Men drove you insane but for years I’ve called you to give me the wheel.

But you ignored me and chose to do what you want to do.

And you didn’t even know that I created a man in heaven just for you.

Just seek me and trust me and meditate on my laws.

I’ll give you the desires of your heart but you have to give me your all.

Forgive those that hurt you and forgive yourself.

Love others and love yourself.

I love you and I’ll never leave you and have much blessings in store.

And I’m the same God today, yesterday and forevermore.

Single Mother - Poetic Music

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    • wisdom25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Maurice Wisdom Bishop 

      4 years ago from San Tan Valley

      I'm still memorizing this piece because it's brand new but I have a lot of other video performances of my poetry on my facebook - Request me and you will see.

    • Amy Naylor profile image

      Amy Naylor 

      4 years ago from England

      This is great, you've really brought the emotion across and crafted your words well.

      There are a few rhymes that seem a little forced and a few grammatical hitches but I guess these aren't so significant since it's written to be spoken.

      Do you have any videos or recordings of yourself speaking these? I think such media would really compliment the hub.

      Nice one, well done!


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