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Sinking Deeper and Deeper

Updated on May 17, 2017

Listening to the same set of songs for the nth time...boring

Sleeping and waking up to do the same routine...boring

Meeting and parting with the same group of persons...boring

Feeling and being crushed by the same kind of emotions...boring

Hearing and forgiving the same alibis every time I hear the same lies...boring

Chasing and running away from the same group of shadows...boring

I am not afraid to be hurt or be delighted with the mixture of the same feelings,

I am not afraid to look stupid or to act like a moron for the same foolish reasons,

I am just bored with looking at different directions with nothing but the same endings

And I am sinking deeper into the marshes of BOREDOM.

Getting wild and flushed with the same kind of alcohol...boring

Getting punched and kicked for the sake of the same arguments..boring

Fighting the same enemy over and over again...this is so damn boring

There might be someone who will understand or maybe none at all...that does not matter anymore

I just want to get in a breath taking brawl where I will break my limbs and sweat so hard that I can smile in the end and say "Hey! that's worth my while"

I just want to run until my feet hurt and I can't run no more, I want to be down on my knees after a long marathon and feel the rush of the boisterous blood flowing in my veins.

I want to scream my heart out until nobody wants to listen to it anymore. Damn noises are nothing as to what I want to shout out.

I want to get wild when I can, while I can. I want to let my impetuous side come out because it's killing slowly killing me inside. I am sinking deeper into boredom, I am sinking deeper into numbness, I am sinking deeper to my dark side that I may not find anyway to get out.

I don't think I can hold on any longer, the impulsive brat inside me wants to come out already and I've been holding her back for a very long time...for a very,very long time...and I am getting tired of restraining her.



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