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Updated on November 29, 2015

They say the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son,

So it is coming to pass, payment for the wars we have won,

Retribution for the greed and bloodshed we have wreaked,

Is near at hand, our undeniable greatness has peaked,

No longer are we feared by nations all over the Earth,

Our debts are enormous and our money has nearly lost its worth,

We argue among ourselves about every petty little thing,

Like democrat or republican, left or right wing,

Like a con man playing three card monte on the sidewalk,

The government diverts our attention and then lies when it talks,

Cover-ups and scandals, bribery and back door deals,

You can get anything you want if you grease the right wheels,

I don't believe this is the vision our forefathers had for this country,

Little did they know that over 200 years later this is where we would be,

In debt to communist China up to our chins,

Piling up higher and higher who knows where it ends,

The freedoms they fought and died for slowly being taken away,

The people have lost the power we no longer really have a say,

We traded it for government handouts and cellular phones,

And lower interest rates on student and government loans,

Soldiers over seas spilling their blood on the hot desert sand,

Far from their loved ones in some savage wasteland,

For the sake of oil, influence and precious mineral rights,

To line the pockets of the powerful and those who advocated these fights

Greed and lack of morals have put us on the edge of despair,

Our system is broken and flawed well beyond repair,

Yet we argue over television shows and obsess over celebrities,

While we lose our power as a people and our civil liberties,

Will we stand idly by while this happens all star struck and dumb

Is this what a once great and powerful nation has become?


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