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Sir Roachalotte

Updated on June 26, 2009

Sir Roachalotte Does it again

We were staying at a friend’s house trying to enjoy the summer and its hot blazing temperatures. It was past seven, and some of us were gathered in the living room chatting, eating some cake, and drinking cold iced tea to kill the boredom and overcome the heat. Oh the tea had this relaxing effect. The atmosphere was warmth and cozy regardless to the extensive heat and the lack of electricity. We had candles on just to add some romantic touch to distract us from the unease caused by staying indoors on a sizzling afternoon. We talked about funny incidents, lovely moments, school, and all sort of gossip topics that might occur to you. My friend head to her room to take a nap since girls need sleep for their beauty. Thinking about that now, I don’t think it was a cool idea though.

“Ohhh!! Help!” a sound echoed from the room. It was a shocker and for an instant we all thought someone was playing a prank. “Get it off!” that was the second command. The door opened in a very aggressive manner and Jess ran out of the bedroom. “Ugh! Gross! Nyaa!”( an equivalent to disgusting or ugh in Arabic)

What happened! Monica called. “Sarsoor! Or that is the equivalent for cockroach in Arabic. It is on the pillow! Get it off!” Looking back at that moment, I think she looked yellow and terrified. Not believing her, we laughed our guts out! “It’s not like this joke you’re pulling off is working, so chill okay?”

She changed color, from yellow to red, the kind of red that will tell you the person in front of you is ready to chop off your head. “You think I am kidding? Why the hell should I joke about a stupid “Sarsoor!!?”

So we finally decided to go cockroach hunting. Some of us were armed with booms others with stupid flashlights, and yet some even took out their phones and started taking pictures of Jess’s yellow-red face! The Knights of the Round Table head to the room, armed with brooms and flashlights. “In the name of King Arthur”; Malak said;”I order you to show your face treacherous beast!” We all laughed for long minutes while watching Jess’s face change color over and over again. The hunt lasted for a couple of minutes then feeling let down we gave up on our bounty hunt and head to the living room. “You’re not gonna kill it?? It was crawling on my pillow! All it needed to do is climb into my ear!!” she said. “Or even kiss you maybe it might have turned into a prince!”, Malak exclaimed. Laughter echoed through out the room.

We continued our gossiping class until Malak exclaimed in fear. “Uh!! Something is walking on my foot! Get it off!” This time, fate has made its point: “Never make fun of Sir Roachalotte!” Some screamed others laughed and yet the journey of Sir Roachalotte had to end soon when Queen Arthur finished him off by one strike of her Excalibur the mighty broom stick. And they all lived happily ever after.


**All Names in this Story are invented in order not to have a huge lawsuit dumped over my head due to psychological and emotional harm.


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      Well to some people, cockroaches send cause for them a nervous break down...I saw it with my own eyes. The cockraoch fell of the door on the hand of a girl. She froze, changed color and peed her pants out of fear. She never walked that door without looking up first. I pitty her.

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      Well that could have been a lot worse. Like a really nasty spider or snake. funny stuff.