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Sister, How are babies made?

Updated on May 21, 2012

One evening on a school night at my house, my little sister Celina whose nine and I was cooking coconut milk soup with chicken and mint, she said that her class is studying about family life and she asked politely, “sister, how are babies made?” And I tried not to turn into a ball of fire, I said, “well....umm..hhmmm...” trying to think how I could put words together.

“Uh...females lay eggs and male fertilize them,” and she asked, “What is fur-ta-lize?” I replied, “oh it’s uh...a...a seed that has a tail, it looks like tiny tadpoles and it uh...sprinkle on the eggs to make a new babies.” Her eyes were wandering around the ceiling as she takes the information in scratching her head. “So...where is the egg?” and I replied, “Um...inside us!” and she asked, “Where?” and I replied, “Right here below our belly button.” And she said, “Oh!! How does it stay in there?” and I took deep breath and said, “ is kept inside a pond.” “Oh, so how does the tiny looking like tadpoles goes into that pond?” and I replied, “’s when a man magically insert his special wand into the woman door and he fulfill it with his special looking like tadpole ingredient to fertilize those eggs.” Taking a deep breath, I question myself in my mind, “Magical wand? What the hell?” And my little sister asked, “Where is the door to the pond?” and I said..."it’s right uh...." And she said, “Oh...I know where that door is!” Her eyes were wide open fulfill with enlightenment. I thought, “Oh no...” and I asked, “Where?” and she said, “I think its our mouth!” My eyes was wide open, taking a deep breath and said, “You’re such a smart little girl!”

I tried to not give too much information but her question goes on and on. I was her age a good time talking about sex? The conversation then grew silent and I completely thought it was over. Then all of a sudden she asked, “How does the man magical wand look like?” I was silent for the moment and all of a sudden my fiance came in—about time! I change the subject and tell her the soup is ready and we could start eating before she goes home to mom. As we sat on the table eating our dinner, she ask my fiance, “Brother, how does a man magical wand look like?” and my fiance was in a state of confusion, “what magical wand?” and she started laughing. She said, "silly brother, you know the magical wand!" I chuckle to myself kicking my fiance feet under the table. He later than said, “Oh oh that magical looks like uh...the wand that Harry Potter carries. It swish and swash and WALLAH!" "Oh...Wow!!" she said with her eyes and mouth wide open.

I took my last deep breath hoping that it would finally be the last question she ever asked. Yet there comes another more.

On our way to mom home she asked my fiance, “brother when will you fur-ta-lize sister egg?” My fiance and I look at each other and he said...”well...uh...” and I said, “well the looking like tadpole died because it got poison by acid from the egg!” She then said, “Oh no! Brother you should get a bigger and powerful magical wand to win that acid!” and we both chuckle to ourselves in the front seat.

After we arrive to our destination and she’s safely home to mom and dad, I went back into my car with my fiance taking a deep breath resting my head on the steering wheel. He asked me, “what the hell is going on?” And I replied, "sex!" and he said, "Oh, so that what's about...I think I should take her advice tonight! You know...bigger and powerful magical wand!" I look at my fiance rolling my eyes at him as he laugh out loud. I said, "Honey...Harry Potter magical wand...what the hell are you thinking? "


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA

      Hi everyone! Thank you very much! :)

    • picadilly profile image

      Priscill Anne Alvik 5 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      How delightful!!!

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 5 years ago from Germany

      I second the motion. WOW, indeed! It was a difficult question to answer to a child of nine years old. I would be anwering similar to what you answered to your sis.

      It was a great fun reading this hub. Thanks for SHARING.

    • Radikum profile image

      Radikum 5 years ago from Maryland

      Wow! That was brilliant. I was smiling the entire time.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime

      You told your sister that the magic wand is placed in the door. She is confused about the wand, but she thinks that the door is the mouth. You need to straighten that out before she learns what the wand really is. Then, you really would have a can on worms on the prowl.

      Someone once said that a child is ready to learn about a subject when she asks. I believe this to be true because, if the adult does not satisfy the child's curiosity, she will ask someone else. She may get answers that you do not approve.

      Kids have inquiry minds, and they "say the darndest things."

    • Navneet Thakur profile image

      Navneet Thakur 5 years ago from India

      funny and amazing

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      This was funny and amusing. Children's favorite question word Why? You did as good a job as you could being unprepared. I'm sure your mom and dad will help out with the rest when the time is right. At least you didn't tell her the old story of babies being found under cabbage leaves. lol

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Chan, children can outwit adults by their spontaneity! You did a good job both in explaining and writing.

      Voted up.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      So cute.. I love this.. and the questions little ones ask ..LOl you did a great job writing this