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Six-Month Anniversary Blogging On HubPages

Updated on June 26, 2011

Six-Month Anniversary Blogging On HubPages

It has been six months since I started writing for the HubPages and lest I am seen as being ungrateful, I am happy to have had the latitude to write and opine on issues without the fetters of censorship – at least most of the time. I am also thankful for being exposed to other writers, some of whom I follow. I have gained followers and lost some, but that is the nature of the game because I will always try to be faithful to the truth, no matter who is offended. My only loyalty is to Christ Jesus and He has warned me in the Gospel of Mathew that they hated Him, and likewise, they will hate those too who believe in His teachings, and moreover, His Divinity.

In addition, to the kudos I am paying… here comes a funny bit that happened a week or so ago that is apropos. I wrote a blog on ‘same-sex marriage being on the cusp in New York,’ and initially, a caption came up… telling me that because of my blog’s contents that no advertisement would be forth coming – thank God I do not blog for the mammon, though I would like to… providing that I do not have to sell my soul or be caught walking in lockstep with the purveyors of political correctness, which has infected the body of the media. Later, apparently, something changed… whereby ads were plentiful on the blog, but ads supporting gay marriage and gay singles vying to meet each other.

My answer to those ads compels me to convey what I believe to be a true happening: years ago, God came down and had lunch with Abraham and pondered if He should tell His friend Abraham about the utter destruction He was about to visit on Sodom and Gomorrah - I say this to say again that my take, on that particular issue, is not made up from whole cloth. Incidentally, I must remember that sometime in the future when I received the monies from the ads placed on my blogs, I must find away to lave or Baptize those generated from the those ‘colorful’ ads.

There are those on this site who are fighting the ‘good fight,’ in accordance to their personal take on the issues, and that is OK, but all I am hoping and asking for is an equal outlet for all and HubPages seem to provide that venue, so far. I hope I keep being inspired to write and, as Martin Luther King says, longevity has its place. Moreover, I am hoping that the ‘truth’ articulated here in marvelous prose is not suspect because it addresses some ‘minority’ or that said truth is given the ‘relative’ treatment because the tyrannical, Fascist elites deemed it as such.


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