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Six Novel Plots for Novels

Updated on November 14, 2014

Thirteen Chimes on a Dead Man’s Clock

Genre: Crime

Sir Cloudsey Norfolk Shovelle; adventurer, businessman, philanthropist, and explorer at the end of the 19th Century now in his late 60’s has all but retired from his full and varied life. He now spends his time and resources investigating unsolved crimes and helping establish discipline and standards. He is called by one of his friends to help solve the case of three men found hanged in an old clock tower. His friend has no faith in the police to investigate the case and asks Sir Cloudsey to take charge. Shovelle agrees but does work with the police in the hope of establishing a standard for investigating murder cases. There follows clashes of the new but still rigid police and the world wise Shovelle who quickly discovers that the only apparent thing linking the three men is each had a pocket watch inscribed with the letters “TB”. Shovelle eventually discovers that the police are working with the government to cover up a costly and unpopular war against The Boers in South Africa. The three men had in fact been trying to gain support among politicians and others of influence to highlight their cause and had been executed by a shadowy business group who were prospecting for gold in South Africa. Sir Cloudsey’s investigations as he gets closer to the truth make him a target for the group and as he is about to go public with his findings he is kidnapped and all his paperwork destroyed. He manages to escape using his adventurer skills and requests the help of a sceptical police. As he returns to his home undercover of darkness a deflated Shovelle sits in his drawing room wondering about his next move. The old clock above the fire clicks onto midnight and starts to chime. It chimes 12 times then a thirteenth time a bomb explodes and kills him. The police investigation will only report that he took his own life with a pistol.

The Fascinating Five

Genre: Science Fantasy

Why not bring the super hero idea bang up-to-date by crafting the following characters into real life fighters of evil and protectors of the earth.

Digital Radio Active Man. Following a lightning strike while searching for a chat free digital station, an ordinary mail worker is transformed into the true defender of music in all its forms. He tirelessly roams the airwaves zapping, in various fashions, all delusional protectors of inane chatter while keeping his day job as a deliverer of letters and parcels.

Wind Turbine Man. During a rather dark and stormy night an exploding meteor from the planet Stormavia struck a mellow responsible student on the head. After growing to 60 feet high (18.288 metres) and randomly bursting into flames he now spends his days (and nights) protecting and painting large wind turbines to enable them to blend into the surrounding countryside. He also uses off-shore wind turbines to dowse the flames when he catches on fire.

Glass Ceiling Woman. Perhaps the super hero of all super hero’s. After working for 50 years in various male dominated industries an ordinary woman has had enough and spends her next few weekends (including bank holidays) mixing a potion which will allow her and her fellow women to break through glass ceilings. After a few attempts, and numerous visits to the emergency room for stitches, she finally finds a soluble, easy to carry, solution. She is a not for profit super hero (and has no connections with the glazing industry) so passes her mixture to other woman and the sound of glass ceilings breaking can be heard all over company boardrooms to this day.

Calorie Control Man. A controversial self-made billionaire figure that accumulated his fortune in the competitive tyre industry. His life changed when he was hit by a falling glass ceiling and he now dedicates all his time to giving advice to others on their calorie intake. His motto is; “Want a spare tyre.. then look in the trunk”. He is also famously known for feeding that evil genius (sic) “Doctor Gothic” high calorie foods while pretending they were calorie free. Dr Gothic’s ultimate inability to run away led to his early arrest.

Hydrofracking Man. After spending 40 years in a secure location for questioning the price of gas at a local convenience store, a still rather angry farmer (with a grudge) sold his vintage tractor and built a small portable earthquake maker and purchased a geological map of the world. He now travels the planet releasing vast quantities of shale gas allowing various random communities to maintain a sustainable lifestyle enabling them to escape from the crushing iron vice like grip of made up energy companies. It is worth noting that if you decide to expand “Hydrofracking Man” into a full blown character, real energy companies do not have a vice like grip on random, or any other, communities.

Four Walls and a Scream

Genre: Horror

A man dabbling in the occult becomes increasingly frustrated and angry by what he perceives as the punishment not fitting the crime in some of the most horrific crimes in America. His mind is darkened when his mother and father are killed by a drunk driver who only receives 180 days in jail. His only thoughts are of revenge. Through his knowledge of the occult he raises a demon to do his bidding. The demon enters the driver’s jail cell and subjects him to a terrible death and mutilation. The demon is rewarded by being freed to live a normal human life. The mans thirst for revenge means that he summons various demons to kill anyone identified as having carried out a crime which in his eyes justice was not seen to be done. Each horrific death and subsequent freeing of the demons to roam earth in human form leads to innocents being killed by those demons. At the same time the man keeps lowering the threshold of crimes that require the individual to be punished by nightmares, torture, and death. When he tries to stop summoning the demons they take control of his body and subject him to the same fate as the prisoners. The story is supposed to highlight the feelings of frustration at some prison sentences but also where revenge stops. Once you have dealt with all the serious perceived crimes do you keep moving downwards until someone who gets a speeding ticket deserves to die.

Five Seconds to Noon

Genre: Science Fiction

An alien crash lands on a remote area of earth. Her name is Ila Var Rad and she resembles an Amazon woman. Her journey from her ship takes her across sun scorched landscapes until she comes across an abandoned town. Her exploring of the various buildings and surrounding land puzzle her as all inhabitants seem to be plastic dummies. Her journey takes her to the centre of the town where an oil drilling well structure has writing on it which she cannot understand and a clock counting down. The notice says “Survival Town Atomic Bomb Test May 5 1955” the clock has five seconds left before the bomb explodes. Her alien race unable to contact her, assume she has been kidnapped and holds earth to ransom unless she is returned. As each deadline passes more and more of the earth is destroyed. The eventual finding of her downed spacecraft and the realisation of what has occurred signals the end of all civilisations on earth.

Chasing Shadows

Genre: Mystery

A disillusioned lonely librarian is handed a pile of books one day and finds one which appears to hold the clues which will provide the answers to all the conspiracy theories and mysteries dating back to when writings began. Fame hungry, he makes the mistake of announcing publicly that he has solved the mysterious deaths of various celebrities and politicians and will reveal the answers in a press conference a week later. He also announces that he will reveal the truth behind the world’s population reliance on electronic gadgets and the internet and how it will result in the destruction of the human race. The book is a fake, randomly planted by the world’s biggest media and communication’s company. In real time, the days leading up to the announcement are documented as the librarians life takes on superstar status and many “good” and “bad” agencies and people try to get hold of the book and assassinate the librarian. Why the company planted the book is made all to obvious at the climax when the resulting panic and confusion among individuals and governments leads to one supreme company taking control of all the worlds communications and charging everyone what they like by having the ability to shut everything down at the whim of the directors. The twist is that the planted book was actually real and initially written by the Golden Shadows a group who wanted to have total control of all of the countries on earth. Alternative plot is seeing the self-destruction of an ordinary man thrust into the limelight and enjoying the fame and wealth but then ridiculed by self-interested companies and government agencies.

Alien Vacation

Genre: Science Fiction

For centuries inhabitants of the dry and dusty planet Smoggle have travelled to earth for their vacations. Only the wealthiest (usually a crowned Prince upwards) can afford to escape their relentless heat and water rationed planet. Now for two weeks they can live on the lush and water rich Earth. Although they mingle freely with the inhabitants of earth they are accompanied by a faithful (and really sarcastic) earthstreetwise servant who panders to their every need as well as keeping them out of trouble. Trouble is normally avoided but once the vacationer (who the servants find is always unbearable and arrogant) gets a taste of alcohol then trouble usually follows. Fortunately for the aliens they have a protective invisible shield around them which means that anyone trying to punch, stab or shoot them makes no impact. Unfortunately for the residents of earth anyone who touches one of the aliens in an aggressive manner is instantly turned into a small pile of ashes. The ensuing fun of the ever more exasperated servant trying to keep their master out of trouble gives many opportunities to place them in various everyday situations and see how they are handled from an alien perspective.


If you use any of these ideas then credit me with a HubPages link to World Earth. If you manage to publish and make some money; then good on you and remember to send me a share of your wealth as a thank you. All characters and scenarios are intentionally fictitious.


@ 2014 Brian McKechnie (aka WorldEarth)


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