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Six Uses for Crime Scene Tape

Updated on August 23, 2014

It's universally recognized as a warning - the yellow tape with the black letters telling you "Do Not Cross". (You'd think it'd be red since it means "stop" not "slow down" or "watch out". I guess they're going for visibility here.)

While it's usually wrapped around an official, actual crime scene, just about anyone can buy a roll with at least 100 feet of the stuff. But … what to do with all that tape? Here are six ideas for you.

Used under CC license
Used under CC license | Source

Office Warning

Have the kind of job that has regular deadlines and you need undisturbed time to get the project out the door on time? It always seems like that's when the office gossip wants to stop by and chat, someone wants to ask you to buy chocolate for their kids school or HR wants to confirm you attended a training. Seriously? All things that could wait a day until you get past your deadline.

Cut a strip of crime scene tape, run it across the door to your office or opening to your cubicle and make sure people know that means do not disturb for any reason. Well, unless the building's on fire, of course.

Crime Scene TP


Bathroom Courtesy

Yeah - it happens to everyone once in a while. And, well, being the courteous soul you are, you want to warn people they might not want to enter the bathroom just yet. You can keep some crime scene tape on hand to block off the door for a while. Or use some crime scene toilet paper and tape. Either way gets the message across.

April Fool's Pranks

A rather obvious use for crime scene tape, huh? And the obvious uses include putting tape across doors to school buildings, friend's apartments, police stations and others. But surely you can get more creative than that?

How about wrapping a friend's (or enemy's) car? (Side note: make sure you get the right car. We did this in high school to a teacher and accidentally did the neighbor's car instead.) Or, get some wire poles and set up a perimeter around the car to keep people from getting to it.

There are tons of ways to incorporate crime scene tape into your April Fool's Day pranks. Get creative!

Lady Gaga Costume

This one admittedly would take far more courage than wrapping a police station in crime scene tape. But you could recreate Lady Gaga's crime scene tape outfit from her Telephone video. Or an approximation thereof, anyway. You'd have to have the body and the right temperature to pull it off. No going trick-or-treating in this one when it's nippy!

Yeah - It's in this video

Halloween Decorations

Forget pumpkins and ghosts and witches. Set up your yard as a crime scene. Rope off the outer edges of the yard with the crime scene tape (make sure you get enough!) or just a section for the actual crime. Set up the evidence inside the roped off area - blood, body, chalk outline, whatever is appropriate for the crime you've chosen. Make it a crime of passion or irony or protest, whatever makes the most sense for you.

Christmas Tree

If you've got a ghoulish sense of humor to start with, this idea might be for you. Instead of garland on the tree, drape crime scene tape around it. Complete the scene with some elf chalk lines on the floor. And don't forget to leave some "evidence" in the form of reindeer poop, cookie crumbles and Santa's sooty footprint.


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    • lisa42 profile image

      lisa42 5 years ago from Sacramento

      I laughed at the idea of using crime scene toilet paper to block off the bathroom. Very funny!

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 7 years ago

      Great ideas. We used this on a co-worker's office one time as a gag. She accidentally set her apartment on fire one time. So the next day we put this across her office door, drew an outline of her cat on the floor as if it had "expired" (since it was left home alone at the time of the incident), and doctored up a newspaper to look like the fire was headline news.