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Skies Of Blue

Updated on August 27, 2015

What Am I Suppose To Do ?

Another day has come

I am not one step closer to my goals

Than three years ago

I have tried

It was as if I was watching grass grow

Patience my friend

Living in the moment

I get it

Making plans and slowly deciding the right choices to follow

Time waits for no man

In that time many changes have happened

I am surrounded by work

The job that I continue to do

My old manager has also left this world

Other managers have come and gone

Employees have changed as well

For the good

It's to soon to tell

My dreams have been realized many times

I practice them in my sleep

Our wonderful neighbors have moved

A whole new life change

A friend of the family

I visit three times weekly

Now has made a nursing home

Her new home

My favorite aunt has also moved to assisted living

My own mother is no longer with us

For she was the last of my parents to go

So what if our desires our so great

They can not be concieved in the world that we know

In the news tradegy continues to strike

From the Boston Marathon bombing to movie theatre and church shootings

The news is a twisted mess

For it some how reflects the wrong people

That have nothing better to do

Than ruin the lives of the good and the innocent

Isn't it our obligation

To do all we can

To make this world a better place

Than once we first came

I know deep in my heart

Love is the only thing that matters

For it carries us through

I dismiss my doubts

For they cause nothing but havoc

I dig deep into my emotions and what do I see

The world around me in a rainbow of colors

When other people are happy with shades of grey

Why are they settling for less

Why aren't they still trying

Blending the both together to make the perfect match

I am confident as my will has grown stronger

As I watch my own family member suffer

With health issues he has over come

Every obstacle in his way

Thank God

It's a miracle he is with us today

My life struggles are so minuscule

To what other people face

I can comprehend that

The facts remain the same

It doesn't change my thought process

There is so much more to life

Than what meets the eye

Why ?

Do so many people sleep

While life passes them bye

The young are to naive

The old are not able

The middle are too busy

Raising their own families

The rich are wealthy

The poor struggle

The middle class is all I have ever known

I had a basic foundation of a good education

Going through twelve years of school

Then on to a junior college

It is now up to me

To learn things that were not taught In school

Trying to understand many life lessons

That seem harsh and cruel

I will find the silver lining

I have good news

It's really gold

So I try in another way

To say

In a poem

Turned into a story

What I have tried many times before

They say one door shuts another door opens

I stand here with a garage door opener in my hand

To make sure I open all the doors

That other people can't see

Including me


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I love the way you use your talent and skills to continue to help others with your encouraging words. My life is filled with positivity even though rough times sneak in I quickly over power them with never ending happiness. Thank you so much for reading and sharing.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 2 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Yes, it is sad to think that as life goes on more and more people we know pass over to the other side.

      When skies are blue

      I like to think of a love that is true

      Just came to my mind so it means this was an inspirational hub.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      lctodd1947 You are right. I do believe we find a way or get lost in the shuffle.I think there is another option.Where people can help people. Not just when they are in trouble or have made bad choices in their life. When good people do all they can and it still doesn't work. For any number of reasons. Bad timing and lack of support could be a few reasons. Helping other people is easy. Hanging in there is hard. Each day has so much potential. How many people don't even try ?When those people become adults how many of their children will have a chance ?Thank you for reading and commenting. Make today special.Missy Smith I wonder if we each of us made small changes and shared our progress with others would it have a snowball effect. Thank you for your inspiring comment. I love your view. Let's make today a good day.

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

      You really touched on a whole lot of thoughts I think, probably a whole lot of thoughts a lot of us think about.

      You are right Dream On, it is so distressing knowing what goes on in this world today. It's really like we have to decide everyday if we should read and watch the news stories. I know, myself, that I don't watch as much, I do hear about it from others, but I just say a little prayer and continue with life trying not to give up on hope for myself and my children's future.

      I think, in my opinion, and this is my opinion only, that we should not think about climbing a ladder of success, but just have goals to try to reach. And try is the key word to me, because if we are continuously trying we should not see it as failure if we don't achieve the things we are trying for. We should instead know we are living the best we can, and that is all God really asks of us isn't it? Just to live the best life we can and do the right things by him.

      Losing family members and friends does have a great impact on us sometimes, I know, I've lived through some painful losses, but I guess God does not give us anything that we cannot deal with or live through. We are stronger than we think.

      This was really a great hub. Many will be able to relate so well to it. It's a great topic for discussion. Thanks for sharing!

    • lctodd1947 profile image

      lctodd1947 2 years ago from USA

      This is a nice poem aka story. I enjoyed reading it. We keep moving on with courage, and one day we will make the decision that enough is enough or we will just keep pressing on.

      Thank you