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Sky music

Updated on April 20, 2010

One day walking around downtown i saw notes in the sky. They was attached to one of the museums in town on the top. So I get the idea for this story. Enjoy!

He always looks up and plays the violin. Sometimes the melody was lively, the other soft and tuneful. I liked classical music, but these musical compositions as if I didn't know. Somewhat they sounded like more famous ones which were 'The Fifth' from Beethoven and 'Spring' from Vivaldi but slightly came up to them. In his melodies were something so vivid and true which made me thrill with . There wasn't hat in front of him and his case has been always closed. He definitely wasn't a beggar. For all that it had coins in front of him, but no bank-notes. The people have used fast to that the wind blows off them and therefore they gave coins. Almost every person has left a coin.

He was a real virtuoso. He though lives, breaths and feeds on the music. When I passed here he has always playing. I guessed he sometimes took a rest but when? His hands were constantly and mensurable moving on the strings of the instrument as if anything could stopped him. Even when it was raining, storm, or snowing he kept playing. Nothing stopped him. I remember one day when the snow storm was so strong and even I couldn't see in a foot before me but the clear sound of the his violin has struggled for overweight with the wind and has won its wail. Now the weather was fine and many people have moved the benches from the near park and set them up near the musician. Thereby they enjoyed to his melody with closed eyes and snapped their fingers. Couples often came here, younger and older. Then he changed the melody with more tender one. And he touched the hearts of people in love and they began to dance around him. If anybody needed to gain positive energy, he/she came here. Someone who want to forget his cares also came here. I saw once band of motormen who stopped and listened to the music. He changed the melody as hardly audible but music became louder and heavy. So they stayed set on the motorbikes, and listened to the unknown melody. He always plays for the audience and people have not even asked for that. He has had some invisible connection between him and his listeners. And he looked up as before, without turning round, without nodding, always up to the sky. It occurred to nobody to follow his look only enjoyed to the music. He perhaps relaxed at night but nobody knows that at least not I. He looked like a mythical creature. His hair was in shaggy style, and his beard always was well-shaped. He was dressed in navy - blue suit on light blue notes. He was like a hero of the famous writer Luis Carol.

I had finished work and had a date. It haven't happened to me a long time ago. Actually the man contributed for it, was the violinist who I was watching at that moment. It often occurs I speak to myself or to think aloud.

Before three days I had finished work earlier and I founded a free bench in front of the mysterious musician. Today he played something vivid and quickened. It sounded me like a part of 'Figaro' but only in some moments and if I strain my ears.

- It seems to me that I hear the sounds and vibrations from 'Figaro' I just feel it., I said to myself .But it was so irresistible.

- Come to that you are right.

The voice came from the left side of me. I turned round.

- It has but is supersensible. Added the girl.

She has a sweet voice, That came to my mind firstly.

Probably from the music or the thought in my mind I feel very brave and said:

- Come and sit down, please. My name is Rosen and you?

- It's interesting way to get to know you, I'm Jessica, they called me Jess.

- I didn't speak to you, I just saying that.

- I guessed because your sight was too vanished.

- You can address me familiarly we have already acquainted.

She smiled to me. Then we begin to talk. She said me that she made a specialization here and was in the town for the first time. She lived near and went walking. She liked classical music and that was the first subject which we had took up and the circumstances were conducive. Our concert-musician unnoticeable changed the melody with fluid and tender for the soul. I couldn't see when she asked me to dance. We were dancing and then I saw that the moon was shining brightly above us. It was spring and became dark earlier. The melody has slowed down. Something stopped my wish to kiss her.

Photo is used by Creative Commons of Jorge Franganillo.

 - I had to go. I hadn't still find lodging for and now passed nine o'clock.

I nodded.

-        Shall we see again?

-        We can meet here after three days, do you want? At the same time.

I nodded again.

-        Have I go with you?

-        No, I live near but I must tell you that I had a wonderful evening. I think that town would be nice for me.

She bent down and I could smell the perfume from her hair. He kissed me on the cheek slowly and smiled:

-        You can't ask more on the first date.

I could only nodded and did it again.

-        Until Friday.

-        Until Friday.

            And now I was sitting here with fifteen minutes earlier and listening to the melody which pleased the ear. I have tried to speak with the musician but he didn't answer me. Like he existed in other dimension. The only thing which he did, was to change the melody. And  hit upon the moment with like Robin Hood. I smelt known perfume but I didn't open my eyes. The melody was entranced me.

-        Have you ever think about from where he takes inspiration.

I opened my eyes.

-        Yes, but I can't understand.

Jess was sitting next to me.

-        Did you looked up to follow his sight?

-        Nobody did it so do I.

-        Why?

-        It is supposed that he is blind and dumb. Nobody knows anything about him. One day he just appeared and began to play. That's all. His aim isn't to make money. He hands out about the audience, feels the people. How he did that? Nobody knows. Everyone which has a sulky mood came here. He is like a healing spring for that town. Since he has come here is more quiet. The music gave wished calmness for everyone. It's from heaven.

-        I'm impressed by you. I agree with that. I studied him, they even made a T.V. show with him. I find an information about him in Internet, you are right but I'm curious.

-        Just listen to the music. I smiled.

-        Let's look, please.

-        So we will lose the magic.

-        The happiness couldn't have been lost, my dear.

-        What did you say?

-        The happiness couldn't have been lost.

-        No, the other word I meant.

-        My dear?

-        Yes.

-        I like you it's normal to call you like that.

            The music became tender and lyrical as if said something personal. I looked around. It was early and the benches around us were empty. I bent down and kissed her. She took my lips and in her eyes shined thousands of sparkles and I stared  at each of them. She looked up and said:

-        See.

            She pointed and I didn't want but looked up. The sky fleeced with clouds which   were dancing like notes on the imagined staff and outrun to take place in the strings of the violin. The musician catches the changes and plays and plays. The melody became faster as if it invite us to dance. I took her hand and we were hold each other   in the embrace of dancing, gradually step on it. And up in the sky, the notes changed and changed.

Photo is used by Creative Commons of *Kicki*.


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    • Fenrisiys profile image

      Fenrisiys 8 years ago from Bulgaria

      You got me! Yes I am! Since I reading I like characters like D'Artanyan from Dumas "Three musketeers". Thanks for great words!

    • northweststarr profile image

      northweststarr 8 years ago from Washington State

      Ah, you're a romantic. Loved it! Idealistic and playful! Thanx for another great hub!