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Could slavery ever become acceptable in the future?

Updated on February 10, 2013

Slave To Desire available from Amazon.

Slavery - a taboo subject.

Slavery is still very much a taboo subject for many people, and quite right too, I myself abhor the very thought of one person owning another and yet I found myself in the position of having to find a way to incorporate slavery into a novel I was writting.

I needed one of my characters to have lost everything, including his own freedom, for him to be entirely at the mercy of others. Slavery was the only option I felt fit the characters and the plot I had in mind.

So when I started work on my second novel - Slave To Desire - I needed to find a plausible explanation for the world to allow slavery to once again become an excepted part of life for many people.

I knew that in order for the whole plot to work my characters had to inhabit a world very different from our own. One where society had, for a time, broken down and where normal conventions no longer applied.

I decided to set the novel in the near future, a future where the population of the planet had been decimated by a natural disaster.

In the novel one of the two main characters, Rade, reluctantly finds himself having to take possession of a slave, (or Indie as I called them) named Tralen. The novel deals with the relationship that develops between the two men over time, moving from master and slave to equals.


An excerpt from the novel Slave To Desire.

Rade had no real problem with Indies, in the abstract. They served a purpose, and like everyone else on the planet he knew the history behind them. To some people the very idea of slaves was abhorrent, a huge step back for society. But Rade had seen with his own eyes the grinding poverty some parts of the world still endured. It was fine for the bleeding heart liberals of the affluent Western Alliance to condemn the men and women of the Afraisia Union, but nothing they said put food on the plate, or a roof over your head.

For some people the only commodity they had of any worth was themselves. It was common practice for the eldest son to sell themselves and give the money to their families in the hope that sometime in the future they could buy back their freedom. Some did, most didn’t. The flu pandemic of twenty eighty nine had swept around the globe in less than six months. The initial mild symptoms, coupled with complacency on the part of the establishment, allowed the disease to gain a foothold. By the time the world realized just how deadly the newly mutated virus was it was too late to prevent it going global. It had been a dark time in mankind’s history, riots and famine taking nearly as many lives as the sickness itself. The developing world bore the brunt of the losses, the disease taking the old and the young, leaving a population consisting largely of middle aged men and women.

That was when the practice had begun, women too old for childbearing had been forced to hire themselves out for labor. Soon, husbands were selling wives, sons their fathers and worse still, parents their children. Slavery had crept up on them when the world was looking the other way. The West had rebuilt their society faster by virtue of the simple fact that they had more people left alive. Their refusal to offer more than rudimentary aid to the rest of the world had, for all intents and purposes, allowed slavery to flourish.


Slave To Desire.

Gay Erotica.

The novel is graphic in nature and deals with adult themes.

The two main characters are gay and if pressed to catagorise Slave To Desire I would have to say it was Gay Erotica.

If such things offend you - I suggest you give this novel a miss. You have been warned!

My first novel Coming Home available from Amazon.

Please take the time to answer this simple poll. Thank you.

Do you think slavery could ever become acceptable in the future?

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  • GALAXY 59 profile image

    GALAXY 59 3 years ago from United Kingdom

    Hi Cathi Sutton for some reason your comment only showed up in my notifications today! You can buy a hard copy of my books from Amazon or they can be ordered from bookstores.

  • Cathi Sutton profile image

    Cathi Sutton 3 years ago

    Are you published in hard copy? Can I find your work in my local bookstore?

  • GALAXY 59 profile image

    GALAXY 59 4 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thanks jabelufiroz.

  • jabelufiroz profile image

    Firoz 4 years ago from India

    hey..voted up...keep sharing..