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Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions book review

Updated on April 9, 2016

A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night

For any individual seeking in depth instructions and insight regarding the fascinating subject of sleep paralysis, this book goes a long way toward providing answers that have eluded us for centuries. The author has attempted to provide new information on all aspects of sleep paralysis from the experience of entities all the way to techniques that can enhance our lucid dreaming abilities.

Even though the material lacks any new or novel evidence, the author does his best to illuminate the multiple facets of this fascinating subject. The result is a well written guide that attempts to provision answers to the most prevalent questions. He does this while also making sure to instruct on the best means possible for having your own visions, dreams, and out of body experiences as well.

A large population of the world unaware of sleep paralysis?

From the beginning, the book states that 40% of the world’s population has experienced the results of sleep paralysis and its constituents. Given such a large number, it is surprising that few people are familiar with the effects of this phenomenon. The author himself describes his experiences in detail, leaving out none of the esoteric experiences and laying bare his horrors for everyone to read. After doing so, he decides to lay the general aspects of the book out into three digestible arenas. They are:

  • Coping with Sleep Paralysis
  • Confronting Apparitions
  • Thriving with Sleep Paralysis

Reducing the experiences of sleep paralysis

The first part, Coping with Sleep Paralysis, is a well laid out and succinct guide for reducing and removing your experiences with sleep paralysis. It provides actionable and logical tools for removing SP from your life. The entirety of this part was refreshing and filled with real-world steps that can lead to having control over SP for the rest of your life. He describes everything one needs to know and even details the exact reasons and symptoms for its occurrence.

One of the titles, “How to Break Sleep Paralysis Tonight”, describes multiple steps that will immediately halt the problem. From that point, he also provides a means of stopping recurring SP throughout the night with vivid procedures that are viable and easy to follow.

Confronting apparitions during sleep paralysis?

The area on confronting apparitions is very intriguing and the historical accounts only add to the validity of their presence in many people’s lives. While the author, just as those before him, cannot really provide a grounded explanation for their presence, he does attempt to give sincere information on how to deal with the problem. “The Stages of the Stranger”, for example provides four means of dealing with an entity depending on its incarnation.

These actions go a long way toward removing or even accepting the being that you see. In one scene the author actually shows how he accept the being, only to have a beneficial and healing experience once he decided to release fear and accept what was occurring. From aliens and angels to visitations from the dead, this chapter shows all the varying encounters you may have while comforting you with knowledge that can bring sense to why you experience them.

Sleep paralysis a blessing in disguise?

In the third part of the book, the author suggests that you can not only remove or control Sleep Paralysis, but you can also thrive with it. He states that SP can be a blessing in disguise that can provide powerful wisdom and visions for those adventurous enough to commit.

Here he discusses how to have out of body experiences and lucid dreams while actually giving procedures for how to achieve sleep paralysis; the very thing that some people perhaps have bought the book in order to alleviate themselves of. The mental practices he suggests are short and could have used more depth and insight. He provides a small list of supplements as well, but doesn’t provide dosage information; something that would be necessary for anyone attempting to use them.

Overall the induction techniques and suggestions are lacking but they at least supply a primer for anyone attempting to further their experience with sleep paralysis.

Conclusion on “Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night”

As a tool for overcoming SP and understanding its history, this book by Ryan Hurd is highly recommended reading. It is easy to digest and can go a long way toward offering the necessary tools for overcoming sleep paralysis in your life.

The descriptions of entities and the things we often see during this time is intriguing while the techniques used for dealing with the matter can be quite helpful for those that suffer from such a problem.

Yet, the instructions for utilizing sleep paralysis for various enjoyable occurrences are overall lacking. If you are able to find material that can accentuate the final part of the book, you’ll go a long way toward knowing all the details necessary regarding this mystifying subject.

The book as a whole, despite a few limitations, is still be a valuable read for anyone wanting to know more about sleep paralysis, hypnogogic visions, and the strange visitations many see during the night.


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