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Sleeping God Legend

Updated on September 28, 2011

My people have as story; it goes back through many generations back through the annals of time to before the great collapse. It is a story of hubris, of desire, of tragedy. It is a story we use as a warning as for unforeseen consequences and it teaches each of us to consider our actions all the more carefully.

A long time ago there lived a man, the man lived in a corrupt world and he saw it for what it was and sunk into his research. He believed that with power he could correct the world, make it better, guided by the light in his heart he pursued power with the determination of the darkness and the wit of his mind.

Deep underground he went, deeper than the old leaders of the gear, in a place near where we once lived but had to flee. It was there that he spent years as the world outside began to fall apart and slowly he began to forget why he ever went underground to begin with, he forget his morals, he forgot what drove him and the determination by which he used to pursue his goal. Eventually only wit remained while the others were cast aside.

Near the end of the old age he began his greatest experiment, his greatest work that would make him a god in the flesh. Everything was ready, everything was complete and the old elders watched on as he tore his heart from his body and the light shown bright and darkness deep and when it was over the light was separated from him and the darkness expelled leaving only wit and its endless desire for knowledge at any expense.

But things did not work as the man though they would, he soon found that without the light and the dark he could not continue existing and so the god lulled into a sleep so deep there will never be an awakening. This should have been the end, a tale of folly and a lost path but soon the end happened and the god continued to slumber but his minions rose from underground and drove our people our ancestors from their land. We traveled through the desert and across the mountains to escape their pursuit, those that fell, join their numbers.

We eventually found safety when the minions fought the old leaders of the gear forces and we found our safety but in the midlands the gods sleeps in his lair spawning ever more innovative monsters that even the leaders of the gear won’t move near the area. These beasts take to the skies, they walk the land, and inhabit the water as their god and creator sleeps.

It is this tale for why we must live in fear and why we must always remember our hearts for there are always consequences to our actions both seen and unseen.


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