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Slid in to the ditch

Updated on March 14, 2014


The snow outside dat day was coming down like shings off da roof durn a hurricane, dat woman I believe never learned how to pick her foot off a da gas peddle, yup! she just kept on a truckin....

I tells her "girly you's gunna gets us killed"!!

dat girly don't listen ta my reason and sure nuff, at 65 mile an hour, hits her a patch dat black ice, or make dead ice we call it back in da day.

I tells dat girly, "girly don't you turn way from dat slide, I says turn into t it girly", sure as corn cracks dat dum bitch turns away from it, stead of into it and we flys off da right sod o da road.

dare dat silly girly is rot dare, imsa let her tell ya, "Its beautiful in dare, is dat ma savior, Masser. Jesus dat you, OH!! is so beautiful, sorry misser St. Peter sir, I gottsa be goin a long now, ya take care yo self. WOOOOOOOPEEEEEEE!!!!!!


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