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So In Love with my Lady Luck

Updated on September 22, 2015

It's Only A Gambling Problem

If you are losing...
If you are losing...

The High Road or the Low Road

 it's your choice!
it's your choice! | Source

Paul Newman/ Tom Cruise in The Color Of Money – on Blu-ray. Newman stars as Fast Eddie Felson from The Hustler. Eddie forms a profitable alliance with the flash

Once Wealthy...

Now only wealthy in spirit.

Life changes with bumps in the road.

Losing is not for sissies,

Should I stop at this one?

It may be good, but it's not for me –

That's from you, not from me.

Desires, requires, requests not met.

But what we need, is.

The teacher says,


Excitement and action.

Caught in the moment... up in smoke.

Beauty all around us through clouds exposed.

Mesmerizing glory eludes.

It's only as good as it is useful.

Passion remains supreme,

Nice to have company.

Lights, bells, whistles.

What is there to whine about?


Three or Four of a Kind...


Vast, deep, and oh so raw

It's all up to chance,

& luck of the draw.

Demons race & call out saintly cries... not tonight.

Behold the beloved that never take flight.

Gain, win, lose,

Put it all on 'black'.

It all happens in just one night.

Then you give it all back.

Blissful awakening in her arms.

Touched by a soul who knows.

Caressed by a sensual hand.


Say Goodbye

to that money roll
to that money roll

Grandmother's Advice.

Speech, teach,

Yet does not preach.

Hugs, kisses fleeting,

Beyond the beyond releases.

Destined to return to see her again.

Your life is going to pieces.

Call it vengeance,

Call it pride.

Whether Lady Luck will reward,

Or simply ponder in her greed,

Remains to be seen again, and again.

Release its glory unto me.

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The Classic Poker Dogs!
The Classic Poker Dogs!

Are you a compulsive gambler?

After losing did you feel you must return as soon as possible and win back your losses?

See results

© 2012 Helen Kramer


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