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Slow Pocahontas

Updated on February 2, 2015
Reeds | Source
Back to the land
Back to the land | Source
Grand Canyon Village gift shop
Grand Canyon Village gift shop | Source

Does slow Pocahontas

live secretly among us

sitting next to you on the bus

Forced to comply

dog soldiers die

false honor begins to rust

Arrows broken in two

crisscross as they flew

anyone left we can trust

hungry dogs growl

while flashing a smile

colors soon fade to true

Tear in their eye

helpless children cry

spin doctored Meme world view

Spoon fed to swallow

spoken promises hollow

Jack the Ripper makes his debut

Sweet Pocahontas

your wisdom upon us

can you forgive our betray

Dear Crazy Horse

with no remorse

your people just got in the way

General Custer in drag

waves dirty flag

ambitions blinded repay

Attack sleeping village

burn rape and pillage

government designed for war

No profit in peace

greed's a disease

vote for your favorite whore

Lie to the people

ring bells in the steeple

never reveal the true score

Sirens screaming

sounds of freedom

anything changing today

Drug war painted faces

bleeding citizens complacent

within their small box we must stay

Slow Pocahontas

driving in front of us

hoping to get out of the way

Reprieve to find us

please don't remind us

we have become the prey

© 2011 Randy Hirneisen


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