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Small Dude, a fictional short story, part 5

Updated on September 11, 2012

The next time Virgil woke up in the hospital, a male voice was adressing him :

- "Hello there, Virgil, how goes it ?" A tall man was standing in front of his bed, looking at his medical chart.

- "I think I'm doing better, thank you".

- "I'm Captain Goodsmith, I am part of the team of surgeons who repaired you when you first got here, God, you were a mess, but it seems that we were able to put the puzzle back together rather nicely. In a few days, we'll start to get you out of bed, so you can start learning to walk again". The thought frightened Virgil : "Learning to walk ?"

The surgeon then proceeded to examine the chest wound, and seemed pleased with what he saw, He then looked at the leg :

- "Excellent, Everything is healing properly, you're gonna be a new man in no time!"

' -"Thanks, doctor, that's good news and I needed to hear that".

- "By the way, I need to tell you this, we gave you a nickname when you were in the O.R.". And with a grin on his face, he told the story Virgil already knew and was supposed to act surprised about...

- "But anyway, I'm sure you heard about it anyway, that nurse Curtiss, she's got an great ass and she's a fantastic lay from what I've heard, but she can't keep her big mouth shut ". He seemed to think for a split second, very pleased with his crude joke to come :

- "Which sometimes is a good thing!' Virgil tried to deflect the question ;

- "I only saw her for a few minutes"

- "Well, she's quick, if you know what I mean", winking at his patient. Anyway. I'll see you soon, One Inch, you have a good rest now".

- "See you later, thanks for everything,Doc!"

- "Don't mention it, that's what we get the God complex for", the surgeon said, in an amused tone, obviously very pleased with himself. He didn't even turn around as he opened the door.

Over the next few days as he was laying in bed, the Military unwillingly gave Virgil something he was not supposed to have had :time to thinkl ! And that he did ! Mostly because he had nothing else to do as he couldn't walk yet, he was still too weak. But also because of the trauma he went through. As he started to get better, he began to reflect on the events of the previous couple of weeks, and his life in general.

The two dogs and their master spent almost two hours on the lake, doing nothing important, just having a good time enjoying life. They landed on the opposite side of the large body of water, and for a while, Virgil played with the dogs, throwing away pieces of driftwood, both on land and in the water, that Titus and Samson would recover. All three of them had a fantastic time. After they were done playing, the animals looked tired and Virgil looked at his watch :

- "All right,Girls, time to go back:. As if they were human and understood, they jumped back into the Boston-Whaler. The sun was now a perfect burning circle in the sky and no protection from the clouds was to be expected today. It was going to be a hot one. Good thing the small boat was equipped with a bimini top, and Virgil set it up. As they sailed back home across the huge lake, both dogs fell asleep almost instantly and were dreaming, kicking their little legs in all directions. Virgil couldn't help but laugh, amazed at the amount of energy those tiny bodies could pack, and how quickly they would recuperate too. Back to the dock, he tied the boat back, while ordering his crew to land :

- "OK, sailors, permission to leave ship" And the animals, their energy freshly renewed, ran away and disappeared into the woods, chasing each other and barking with joy. As he started walking back towards the cabin, Virgil noticed the minivan parked besides the Jeep truck, as well as a red little Mazda convertible he didn't know. "Good", he thought, his guests had arrived. Excited at the prospect of meeting them, Virgil walked faster in the direction of his house. As he got closer, he noticed the front door wide open and could hear voices coming from inside. He approached as silently as possible and as he got to the front door, he knocked loudly on the glass top part of it :

- "Hello, anybody home ?"

- "Oh, Virgil, we were wondering where you were, we got here about an hour ago but we couldn't figure where you went. And just now, we noticed the dogs running back". Meet Maria Conrero, Carmen's mother, who, given the opportunity, will talk your ear out :

- "So anyway, we made ourselves at home, just like you told us, and we lit up the charcoal in the barbecue outside, we're having hot dogs and burgers for lunch". The mother's loud talking got everyone else's attention and suddenly, Virgil was surrounded by the whole Conrero buch : Jorge Conrero, Carmen's father, Carlito and Javier, the twelve years old set of twin boys, Vega, Carmen's sister now sixteen, and the baby, 7 years old Juanita. For the next few minutes, everybody kissed and hugged everybody and said hello in the most joyous mood. This reunion had been almost a year in the making and finally, the day everyone was looking forward to had arrived :

- "Did you guys see the truck ?" Virgil asked. They all answered enthusiastically at the same time and he couldn't make out one word of what was said. But obviously, they all were pleased with the result. Jorge grabbed Virgil's elbow and pulled him away from the group :

- Virgil, I'd like you to meet my sister, Maria-Helena".

- "Hello, nice to meet you, Maria-Helena, and welcome to the middle of nowhere" Virgil said. He looked up to make eye contact with the only guest he had never met before. And then, he had the shock of his life : Maria-Helena was a spitting image of Carmen. The same black hair, maybe a bit longer, the same expressive dark eyes, the same warm smile. Only a more mature version of Carmen, as Maria-Helena appeared to be around thirty years of age. Virgil was nothing short of mesmerized...

To be continued...

Copyright 2012 by Austinhealy, his heirs and assigns


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    • austinhealy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bernard J. Toulgoat 

      6 years ago from Treasure Coast, Florida

      I like beautiful and always think there is not enough of it in our lives. So if we can create a little beautiful something and share it with others, it is always a wonderful moment. Thank you for finding the characters of this story likeable.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Beautiful part of this story. I am very impressed with it. This is very well written and so interesting. In quiet parts, you keep it interesting and yet you continue to add interesting little snippets about him in all the time. His character just continues to form and grow. I like that her aunt looks like her.


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