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The more things change...

Updated on July 31, 2014

The more things change, the more things change. Not what "they" usually say, but the truth as I see it. When I hit 50 years of age, everything changed. The changes were mixed, some positive, some not.
One thing that changed was the health of my parents. Being an 'only', and living in the Big City, I was traveling at least once a month into fly over country to check up on them. Both parents came from large families, so these trips were entertaining as they filled me in on the antics of my cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, and the 'out laws", ( the spouses of all those listed.)
I have at least 30 cousins on EACH side of family, and, at my age, there are now children and grandchildren to gossip about. Many of the family members live within 20 miles of the town and try very hard to keep their escapades out of the town newspaper.
Occasionally, a picture of a prize winning pig and it's owner, or queen candidate would share my maiden name. More often it was the details of a marriage dissolution that my parents would note during lunch conversation, complete with the legal statement from town paper.


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