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Smart, Cool and Adventurous Souls

Updated on July 26, 2013



There's another boy whom I'm so fond of

Who is an optimistic gift from God above

Loves to play mobile games and to read

His friends always follow his lead.

He has such stamina, balance and flexibility

To do so many acrobatic activities

Sometimes I'm amazed by his energy

To explore and run a round with such curiosity.

Every time I see this cool boy reminds me of my brother

Who couldn't stay in one place at least to give an answer

I heard he's adventureous like his father

Sweet, strong and thoughtful like the mother.



There's a smart boy with a cute grin

Whose affection I don't know how to win

His eyes light up as he sings

To my heart what a joy his laughter brings!

I wish I could give big hugs and kiss him

But he run away as soon as I touch him

Oh the way he tell stories are like his dad and uncle Jerome

As he loop his arms around the neck of his mom.

He's so adorably cute when shy

Even if he falls. this tough boy won't cry

Loves to climb trees and eat chocolates

And loves to play run and catches with classmates.

Once upon a time ....



Smart, cool and adventurous souls is about the small kids I love the company of :) I thought of doing a hub in memory of each one since they are growing up so fast :)

Sunday School




Little curly boy is 'God given' like the name

Intelligent chatterbox in a guessing game

Thoughts impressed my mind in this confident game

Talented in arts and music all the same

Laughing as if no one to hear in child's games

Enthusiastic to achieve in whatever he aims.

Adorable and lovable as he run around

Read and pray to the Father above

Teach what he learns to those who are around

Inspiring caring touch shows his love

Shares with the brother whom he adores

Tenderly help with the homely chores.

Peace !!!


Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time I was a Sunday school teacher

An active caring Christian believer

Along the way I couldn't do what I was supposed to do

But, I enjoyed every minute of spending time with all of you.

Preparing lessons with crafts and how to colour

David and Goliath to show the God of power

Singing and dancing for Christmas concerts

How Joshua entered the promised land in verse.

It's interesting to deepen own personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Doing His will is certainly the most important thing in life;

Prayer is our communication to share our lives with Father God

We are the special children chosen and separated by God .


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