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Smile Enigmatic

Updated on September 1, 2014

A beaming Smile is God gifted,

That displays our Heart's elation.

An automatic signal system it is,

Causing our teeth to glitter like Stars.

Communicating feelings of Love and Friendliness,

It makes us likable and approachable.

Smile is contagious for good,

Making us call it as Sonrisa,Sorriso and Sourire.

Duchenne Smile is splendid,

But better never to use a Botox Smile.

Having the power to light up heavy darkness,

Dimples make us look radiant and glowing.

Smiling Babies are flamboyant,

While Smiling Mothers are exuberant.

Befriending us from Cradle to Grave,

It cajoles us to banish sadness with a Smiling face.

Mona Lisa by Da Vinci,

Has her Platonic Smile Enigmatic.

The Human Wealth to match Nature's vagary,

Is a twinkling Smile outshining the breaking Dawn's granary.


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    • profile image

      Mayurika Mondal 3 years ago

      "Duchenne Smile is splendid,

      But better never to use a Botox Smile."

      awesome lines I loved it!!