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Smite: My Experience in Ranked, a Poem

Updated on August 31, 2016

Smitius Maximus (Silverio)

What a day! What a day!
I'm level 30 hooray!
10 placements must be completed
In 8/10 I was defeated
Kukulkan Support
Was not as good as I thought
After 10 games I was Bronze Rank 5
I needed a way to improve, thank God DMBrandon was live!
For 4 long months about league I did not care
Until an old friend returned, and my knowledge could be shared

It was clear from the start my assistance was needed
And I offered a hand as he pleaded and pleaded
After hours of preparation
We searched for a game, with profound determination
My apprentice surely lacked skill
However he had almighty will
Blood, sweat and Tyrs passed
And the rookie became level 30 shockingly fast
It was déjà vu
Placements, Round 2

10 games to be played
For this time, I had definitely trained
Me in Jungle, them in Support
For 8 long hours we fought
2nd time round I had won 8/10
And I did it all for my beloved friend
I was in horror, I'd achieved Silver 1
But it seemed by bad luck had just begun
To my despair my friend was far above
In Gold 1 it was a moment they surely loved

We continued to play, as their attitude changed
They claimed I was worse than them, I found this strange
My Thor was incredible, even better than Adapting
There's no doubt I was the true King
Despite this, I continued to play
Carrying them to wins every single day
In the next couple of weeks the time had come
For me to depart from my friend and move on
They had reached the Rank Platinum 3
From their hurtful comments, I was finally free
Now we cannot play together
And the good times we had, are gone forever...

© 2016 Jordan Welsh


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