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Snake Charmers of High Places: a Poem

Updated on August 16, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

That fascination started at an early age

with all those who were taller, bigger, higher

to furnish all props for our later life stage

for our chosen biggie, pretender, or liar.

All those at high and unreachable places

somehow dictate respect, envy, even fear

they may look down on us with sneering faces

and yet deserve applauses, ovations, and cheer.

Is it our musical idol or a political charmer

or even a boss with that imposing power

treating us like we are some illiterate farmer

with no accessible stairs to their ivory tower.

Why do we keep falling in that worn out trap

for most of them live of our donated buck

so could we ignore that high status crap

and work on creating our own good luck.

Let those at high places enjoy what they've got

we don't have to cheer at their parade

let's focus rather on our own lot

without that butt-kissing, subservient charade.


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 4 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Val, I received your sweet email & will respond during my free time later today.

      I'm sorry you're having difficulty with technical difficulties. It happens now & then. Could it be a problem with your computer too?

      Anyway, try this: after you "send" your post, If you see a blue HubPages at the top of the page, click on that which should take you to the main feed. There, you should see the post you just sent (if it went through) Then you can go on about your business w/o concern. If this happens often, I would send a note off to the team & simply tell them what's going on....Talk to you later, Amigo. Paula

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 4 weeks ago from Canada

      John---Thank you. I don't fuss, I would understand even if you commented less than you do. I am not too good at commenting, although I read much more of what people write than I give a comment. I know I should change that, and I probably will soon. When that happens you will be among the first to notice it.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 4 weeks ago from Canada

      Goodnews---Thank you, I am glad you liked it.

    • GoodnewsBassey profile image

      Goodnews Edet Bassey 5 weeks ago from Nigeria

      I love your article. kudos to you

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 5 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

      Val, I haven't had the time to devote to this site as I would like either, especially in reading others hubs where I have sadly fallen behind, but I try to read at least one hub per week by those I follow. I enjoyed this hard hitting poem. I particularly like the final stanza. Good job.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 5 weeks ago from Canada

      ThreeKeyes---A very interesting comment, indeed. Let me offer my opinion about the main tone of it.

      In my view, just about everything in life is the way we intimately make it. Confidence, like anything else is a mental construct---which can come as a result of others' encouragement and praises and support, or deliberately, as it is in my case.

      I simply don't allow myself to crawl through life with a tail between legs and play a mental beggar expecting others to keep my batteries charged.

      In my view, it doesn't ultimately matter how "successful" we are in terms of material gain or others' recognition. What matters is that we do what we like doing, and it doesn't boil down to "venting" anything.

      To vent means to discharge emotions in action disregarding what others may think about it. Self-expression is offering something from our emotions and thoughts and talents that might be useful to others.

      To round it up, I am not imposing these views, just sharing. That's what I do at HP---I share something that has been useful in my own 72 years old life. Others are free to junk it, think about it, or even adopt it.

      Doing that is more fun than watching reruns on TV, and since I value my time, I am pleasing my own taste for fun. Then, without saying it, it pleases me when people respond positively. After all, we are not hermits, we like that chemistry exchange with others. At least I do.

      Thank you for commenting; again it was quite interesting. All the best to you.

    • threekeys profile image

      ThreeKeys 5 weeks ago from Australia

      Vladmir, instead of saying your poetry has an ouch factor for me, it is lovable for Paula. So, who can say what words are for whom.

      Everything has a season, fortunately or unfortunately. I felt in January 2017, that I had come to outstay my welcome at this spot. I didn't listen to my myself as my personal need to keep practising writing and exploring creativity through poetry, was both strong and comforting for me.

      Does anything last anymore? Life just keeps showing me that all the effort and hard work I enjoy doing and giving just lies fallow and surmounts to absoutely nothing.

      You and Paula come across with a very hard hitting mind. I wish I could have that high sense of confidence and believe everything has a box. It doesn't-in my opinion.

      Write your articles Vladmir. You need to express or is that vent? But don't we all from time to time?

      Good luck to living real Paula. That is true living.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 5 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      BRAVO, Val!!!!!!!!!!!!! I positively LOVE this one! You have pleasantly surprised me with such poetic talent....and you whip them out so quickly, I can barely keep up. I have to say that THIS one is my favorite of all, so far. I probably don't even need to tell you "why." It hits a chord with me, that is for sure......

      I laughed, but it's really quite a sober topic and I believe I'll even memorize it, as though I'm back in school.....

      I've begun that slow exit I spoke to you about some time ago. I have reached that magical point with this site. I stop by less and less and haven't published anything in quite a while..There are many reasons and for me they are that's all that matters to me.

      I live an active, busy and independent lifestyle that is filled with several of my passions & hobbies~~as well as the work I do from home, in my retirement.

      I simply don't have the time to devote to HP as I had been for so long. This woman does not live by her writing alone. In addition, I've been "put off," by a number of annoyances here and have reached my saturation point with much of it. The BIG SHOTS being close to Number ONE disillusion...(will not waste my precious time with does not matter to me any longer) Also with a few unsavory members whose ignorance, bull$hit & egregious behaviors are in a word, intolerable to me. I need to be kind to myself and cease subjecting myself to incessant droning, whining & hateful attitudes. They literally disgust me.

      However, because of my fondness and devotion to the many fabulous & talented individuals I've been fortunate enough to bond with, I'll not leave completely. I'll surely visit now & then, to keep myself informed of how everyone is doing and to read the works of my much-loved fellow writers. Perhaps even twice a year, I'll publish one myself. And speaking of my existing articles, I'm removing at least 50% of them & leaving only those that get the most traffic.

      So, there you have it my dear friend from Canada. Till I visit again. Hugs, Paula