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Snake Eyes (original song) please message with published work for audition!

Updated on May 20, 2014

Set fire, a lotus lease;
lead foot, you had to please
A Rising phoenix, those bright feathers gonna burn all tethers
You had me at hello
but now, more you show
The more flames cooking deeds, but its a slippery slope to the bottom, all in all, but still a cheat
Melting ice aint sucess but from my sweat is no less
Tower spitting to tower is just arrogence

'Cuz youve got the cold cruel world but its a Peacock backstroking whirlpool,
With you its cold as ice leaves us wanting less of this shifty success

two flowers, Evora and Elise
Babbling baby, though you tamed me
with your muted downshift snake eyes with every motion no care or caution
Youre Prius, no more tease please
You're no ballerina, but on broken glass and not getting a wound,
We slipped opiates, in your arrogent cloud and off came the shrowd
We Kickstart and it multiplies

'Cuz youre a stubborn mule and with only cool jewels,
Why proceeed to a demean a mean princepal of deeds

A medium to my (adjective to vocalist) eyes
Never see, panties with that zoolander brief move
Forever--- on the patio with that zoo cage for a glued view
Youve got the runway height but without a rabbits foot you got the runway looks
Competition was your fate from the getgo, its to to give back what you took

'Cuz you're blind soul world view but time the time has come and gone for school,
we see achievements as old as a nomads tool


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