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Snow Delightful.

Updated on January 21, 2012

Snow Delightful.


Cursed and cleared daily,

a bane to the masses,

it shutters the housebound,

and slows hectic paces.

It gathers in depths

blackens as it ages,
impeding any progress,

to a very slow crawl.

But if one just laid down,

as it tumbled so graceful,
staring into its dance,

they'd be falling towards heaven,
thus escaping earth's grip,

floating up in it's flow.

Each fine crystal's unique,

masterpieces hand-wrought,
by the mother of nature,

painting all the world white.

Soon gone for the season,

but I've spent a few moments,
in the pull of it's lure,

as I drifted towards God,
a bit closer because of,

his gift from above.

Under rated its beauty,

brings us diamonds that sparkle,
in the glint of the sun,

that would rival all gemstones.

Soon reduced to dark puddles,

it will vanish till next year,
and I'll miss it in August,

when the blowtorch sun burns.

So go prance in a snowbank,

plant your face in its chill,
throw the season's last snowball,

cherish winter's last gasp.


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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 6 years ago from United States

      hey, glad you liked it. thanks for the comments.~~MFB III

    • jgiecek profile image

      jgiecek 6 years ago

      Lovely! Thanks for sharing!