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Snowflakes In Heaven

Updated on September 13, 2017

Della, nervously sat in the Courthouse with her family,friends and spectators waiting to see her son killers. Her whole body shook when she looked up and saw two boys and a girl walk in with shackles around their feet and waist.Tears rolled down her face, as she thought about the day she lost her only son, "Daniel"..

Della, stood stare directly into the eyes of of one of the boys, tears rolled down his face, she a low voice looking directly in the eyes of one of the boys.. . My baby was only eight years -old she whispered in a low voice, you took his life for what?

She waited for and answer but the kid said nothing. For a brief moment the courthouse the judge said nothing, finally she heard the judge beating his gabble on his desk, instructing her to take a seat. The young boy broke his silence, Miss I am sorry , she could see the pain on his face but her Daniel was dead. There will be no more interruption in my court from anyone..

Della mind traveled back to the last day of Daniel Life, It was Saturday a week before Christmas, she had promised Daniel she would take him take Christmas shopping. A smile came across her face as she remembered Daniel little feet jumping up and down on her bed begging her to get up. Daniels it's to early; playfully she pulls him under her covers, in her arms instantly he fell asleep.Slipping out of her bed at nine. Looking out of her window she saw snow falling at a rapid paste, she wanted to call the trip off but she didn't want to disappoint Daniel. Behind her stood Daniel fully dress and smiling , It's snowing baby Daniel. He ran to the window, we still going are we mom. Eat your breakfast I want to go before the mall get crowed.

On the way to the mall Daniel started talking about snow flakes and angels,she thought he was just rambling because of the snow. Daniel remember you can't buy everything in the store, she smiled at him, ok mom he pouted.

Mommy are there Snow Angels in heaven ? Angels are every where she smiled at him they are watching over you now.. I had a dream night; I was with God and daddy they wanted me to come with them but I was crying for you.

I saw heaven it was pretty, I saw a lot yellow and green colors he laughed. The angels were playing ball flying around the bases with their wings flapping. I was laughing at them with God and daddy standing beside me.

I wonder what it's feels like to die? Daniel stop talking so much, we are here. Inside the mall Della sat in a chair giving Daniel her credit card. To her the conversation between her and Daniel was strange, she never heard him talk about dying.

Della watch her baby pushing his shopping cart up and down different isles , picking up everything in sight. She watched him go to the counter to pay for the gifts, I want them wrapped he smiled at the lady.

After he finished she took his small hand in hers, walking threw the door, not realizing that this would be his last day on earth. Bang-bang the sound of gunfire was all around her, Daniel and others. She saw other laying in the snow in the confusions, she could no longer feel Daniel hand. Daniel-Daniel she called his name than she saw her baby lying in a pool of blood. She crawled to his little body on the ground in a fetus position. Oh God my son has been shot his little chest was covered with blood, she picked up his head placing it in her lap. Behind her she heard voice telling her not to tough him. This is my son she yelled, she than hear his feeble little voice, Mommy it hurt so bad I know baby help is coming. No mommy God won't let me go with you, him and daddy is standing there telling me to come with them. No Daniel you belongs to me, I won't let you go. It's ok mom Daddy need me to be with him. Holding him close she felt his last breath , she knew he was gone. Crying Hysterically she stood up with blood running down her coat, picking up Daniel shopping bag with all his gifts.

God she cried out in pain why did you take the only thing i had left, you took my husband now you have my son why. Two years ago in December a week before Christmas she had to go threw the motion of burying her husband now it was Daniel. How much more can I take, I have nothing.

The day she laid her baby down to rest, the streets was lined with snow, the service was simple the way she wanted it, because of the snow only a few people attended. She sat on the front seat not listening to a word the minister was saying, she didn't want a long service. She interrupted the minister by walking up to Daniel Casket placing a kiss on his lips. Father there's nothing else you can say about my baby that I can't say, I love him and will miss him.

He was happy going with his father and God she cried, at that moment she could feel him all round her, he was happy with his father.

Thank you for coming she spoke softly, I will accomplish the Hearst to the grave sight alone, At the cemetery she stood over Daniel little grave as they lowered him down, to be buried.

Hundredth of flowers was placed on the freshly dug grave She stood by Daniel fresh grave, by now she was freezing but couldn't leave him alone. She knew it was time to leave.when she got home a her family and some friends were there. Della didn't want to talk so she headed to Daniel room. .

She would never hear his laughter or enjoy all the little thing he did to, that was upsetting to her . Walking over to his bed she picked up his pillow, she could smell the scent of his body as she cried out in pain. Picking up Daniels gifts she was curious to what he had picked out for her. She open the box and cried for hours. Inside the box was a little boy walking threw a field of beautiful angels.

Della open her eyes to the grapple of the judge banging on his desk, this court will come to order, she hear the young boy crying hysterical he had to be escorted out of court in a ambulance with armed Policeman.

Across from her she saw a middle age woman looking at her with tears in her eyes, she knew it was the mother who got up and went with the ambulance attendants. . she wanted to yell at her for not controlling the action of a 15 year old child. But words with this mother wouldn't bring Daniel back to her, all she could do was to knob and walk away.


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    • peachpower profile image

      peachpower 4 years ago from Florida

      Oh my goodness. I cried and cried, reading this. I am so sorry for your loss, Jada67. I pray that you will find the peace you need to get you through each day, until you are stronger and your tears have stopped falling. There is nothing anyone could say to ease the hurt, I know that for sure, but we are all here for you. Reach out when you need to. Xoxo

    • breathe2travel profile image

      breathe2travel 4 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

      I am saddened deeply by your loss.

      I pray you find true healing.

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I felt so cold that I embraced myself reading this very sad and touching but remarkable story of a mother's pain and suffering losing both the "loves" of her life. This reminds me of my aunt's story of my week-old baby girl cousin, my aunt's little angel, who had stopped breathing in her sister's arms on a Christmas Eve.

      Thank you for sharing this story, Jada. You will touch many hearts who'll come across this hub. Take care and God Bless!

    • davenmidtown profile image

      David Stillwell 4 years ago from Sacramento, California

      What a moving tribute to what love means to a mother. I sat here thinking about my own mom... now dead and burried and I cried. Thank you for writing this.

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 4 years ago

      My dear Jada,

      I feel I have no words adequately to share. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know writing has helped many heal here and ease some of the pain. I pray you will find healing and many friends who will love and care for you as many have been through loss here too. Sending all my prayers and heart felt care your way. Thank you for the courage you have shown in writing your story.