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Snowy chase

Updated on January 26, 2016

He heard the crunching of snow beneath his boots. His pace was slow caused by the pain in his side. A bullet wound that he was holding, trying to avoid his blood getting on the snow. The barking of dogs echoed in the distance. He considered running but decided it was best to conserve energy. The stream was close, although he was cold, he could wade across. He was close enough to safety. The barking only became louder.

He struggled to reach the stream only to find that it too was covered in a layer of snow. It froze! He thought surprised. Moving water is always the last to freeze. Fear crept into him but he ignored it as he crouched down onto the ice. He slowly crawled across on his stomach. He could see a small trail of red where his blood had got on the snow. It doesn't matter now. He continued to creep across. He heard a sound beneath him. He stopped, frozen by fear. Breath. He told himself. Just a little further. He moved only an inch but the small crackling sounded beneath him. He panicked. He kicked his legs and pulled with his arms but to no avail.

CRACK! A sheet of ice broke beneath his torso and his legs fell into the water. He felt his clothes get heavy as the icy water soaked in. But his upper body had reached the bank. He pushed snow out of the way, trying to find something to grip onto. Then he heard a yelp. The dogs had started to walk onto the ice. He began to dig frantically, but the dirt was hard, he couldn't sink his fingers in.

"They found him!" Someone yelled. With everything he had he pulled himself out of the water and, despite his freezing legs, he ran.



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