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Let Me Tell You About This Crazy Dream I Had...

Updated on December 13, 2019
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Laughter, having and holding onto our sense of humor, really IS the best medicine!

So, about this dream...

Last night after watching 'The Voice', perusing a few articles, commenting and reacting to some funny stuff on FB, I made my way to HubPages to respond to a couple of comments on my latest article, before calling it a day.

The very last thing I wrote, before heading to bed:

”Good luck getting this interview!
Hope his people get back with your people! :) “

This had to be it, had to be the trigger for the crazy, crazy dream I dreamed, which I must have dreamed either right after falling asleep or right before waking up, because I remember details and that’s very unusual.

It was either that or the fact that it was a Monday, back to work, after taking a few days off for rest and relaxation; good food, bad food, too much food and drink, too relaxed...

Whatever the case, in this dream; a friend and colleague, here at HubPages, informed us all that she would be receiving an Award {for what, nobody knows, no one asked and she didn’t offer up any details!}

An outstanding interview?



I elected to make the trip to the Award presentation to offer my support.

Not sure where the presentation was located, what it was all about or how I got there, but suddenly, through the magic of dreams, I was there!

Hopefully, dressed appropriately; at the very least, hopefully, dressed!

It was then announced that the Master of Ceremony for the night would be, Burt Reynolds.

( I know, I know, right?)

When I got wind of this, I didn’t say out loud, I didn't say to myself nor did I even think to say to myself, “Oh, but he’s dead”.

Au contraire!

I left my perfectly good seat (not in the nosebleed section for a change) to seek out Burt Reynolds; to shake his hand, get a picture, an autograph, check for a pulse....

Who knows. I was on the move!

My friend and colleague, here at Hubpages, knew that I had made the trip in order to support her, as she received this special ‘Award’; for what, still a mystery, but suddenly and without warning, I had disappeared!

(Yes I feel guilty about that)

I remember a guy with a booming radio-type voice, making announcements, it was probably Paul Harvey, who knows in this crazy, crazy dream. At any rate, it was a man’s voice and it slowly and gradually faded away, as I wandered off.....

I missed the whole thing, whatever it was

While I was out and about, searching for Burt Reynolds.....I got lost, very lost, didn’t even recognize the Country I was in, much less the street I was standing in the middle of!

After wandering aimlessly, I began a search for a restroom, that had hum...couldn’t find one. There weren't any people to ask where a bathroom...with a door, might be.

Passed on that thought.

Good thing, because I was in a deep R.E.M. coma-like sleep!

Kept walking, for what seemed like days, somehow made my way back to where the Awards Ceremony was taking place, but it had concluded.

Everyone had cleared out.

There was not a single person in sight, not even the appearance of a clean-up crew. There's always supposed to be someone to say, oh it's over or you missed it or something enlightening like that.

So why were the doors open?

Whatever, I had missed the whole thing!

It was then, that I woke up!

What is it with dreams?

Naturally, I prefer a dream over a nightmare, but they are often so real, you may wake up with feelings of anxiety, of anger or of sadness.

I really do have feelings of guilt for ditching my HP colleague and going on a selfish, wild goose chase.

This morning I feel the need to apologize, of course, that’s just silly, it was a dream, but I do feel better having shared it with you all, so this must suffice.

I shared my dream with my husband, first thing this morning and after he looked at me like I was crazy (not the first time) suggested with a somewhat judgmental tone, “that I might want to keep this one to myself.”

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 A B Williams


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