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Flash Tale Poetry Six

Updated on March 9, 2015

Too Late ( Poem Two )

What was off was the timing,

the sun was shining,

and he felt the heat,

he was as still as drying meat,

his head titled slightly to one side,

mouth opened wide,

his scorched hands splayed

in the final muscle spasm,

and frozen that way,

the roof caved in,

the air was thin,

oxygen ran out,

the room was filled with smoke,

he couldn’t even choke,

but he would wait,

but the firefighters came too late.

Secrets ( Poem One )

She cried,

there were so many secrets

that came out when he died,

her life paused,

a dozen emotions passing

through her eyes,

the lies, the countless lies,

flaming hatred would rise,

her past was torn and tortured,

and she didn’t even know it,

hatred continued to grow,

then the casket fell to the floor,

body fell out, everyone would shout,

she just smiled and hurried out the door.

Drug Abuser ( Poem Four )

The doctor felt the frustration,

the woman did not fully grasp

the reality of the situation,

she was a heavy drug user,

more of a drug abuser,

and her child would die,

the doctor knew it,

and she really wanted to cry,

she decided to meditate a bit,

so she’d sit,

to give her mind and body

some time to calm down,

relaxation is what she found,

however, shouting came through the door,

in the midst of her musings,

disrupting her, it was confusing,

a nurse came in, wide eyed,

searching for words,

but her reality was tied,

she wanted to tell the doctor

that the child died.

Resentfully Complied ( Poem Three )

He was clearly hit,

reality would sit,

rage was the perfect fit,

but instead,

he hobbled,

his brain wobbled,

and for a few moments

his eyesight blurred,

and his speech slurred,

he felt blood drain,

and there was so much pain,

it was a drive-by,

his mother cried,

death floated in,

and life resentfully complied.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio


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