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So Much To Give

Updated on March 15, 2016

In this world of

life so cruel we

believe we’ve done

our best when in

reality there is oh

so much more

that we could give.

The earth has

what it takes to

provide for us all,

the problem is

that we’re not

willing to use what

was so naturally

put in front of us.

We have so much

to give to

ourselves and to

others of this

world, yet we turn

away from the

blind, the hungry

,and the homeless

as if they do not

exist. We let so

many die because

we let the natural

resources of our

lands go unaware

and untouched. We

have so much to

give, yet we

refuse to help

those in need.

We’ll help the

countries that are

not our by birth

or right, but turn

our backs on

what's happening

right before our

eyes in our own

hometowns or on

our streets. Kids

killing other kids,

husbands beating

and killing wives,

even young

mothers and

young fathers

killing babies. So

what are we to do

of the problems in

our homeland?

Nothing but ignore

I suppose since

our government

refuses even to

consider the

problems of

today's wayward

youth. We have so

much to give, but

instead, we turn

our backs in

despair and

pretend the

problems aren’t there.


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