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So Near . . .

Updated on June 12, 2012

So Near. . .

So Near

So near, yet so far away. If I reach my hands out I would touch you. I only can see your face at the break of day, so near let me touch you. Your smile is like a ray of sunlight coming only at that instant in time. Your essence, your beauty, your silence . . . ewhh it drives me out of my mind.

I reached for you once, but you got away. A lesson learned is taught. So near, I've paid the price. A price paid is bought. Open up and give yourself to me. Let your love rain down from the sky. Lord, add a blessing to everything I touch, Let your blessings be felt far and wide.

The second time was like an instant, poof, there you were, you were gone. I reminisce time and time again. Your fragrance in the air lingers on. So near let your hair down. Let me brush it as I sing you a song. Place your head upon my chest and let my bussom keep you safe and warm. So near yet so far away.



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    • Tyrone Smalls profile image

      Tyrone Smalls 3 years ago from Edi, Isl.

      Thank you for reading...

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Very nice...........thankyou for your comforting presence!!

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Nice Ylynd, very nice. My Grandma use to speak of the fragrance, I have unfortunately never had the pleasure of knowing. I have felt the comfort and the warmth but never quite been able to catch a glimpse. You are among the blessed for having the vision, even if not the touch.