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So Sorry, Dear Me

Updated on September 22, 2014

Incense and Me


So Sorry, Dear Me

The room fills with smoke

Of incense and sadness

I’ve watched our aura

Energy from madness

Dark, heavy and thick

The fog-like emotions

Twist into the air

Tainting our potions

To our doorstep

I've brought famine, disease

Yet absence of meds

And neglect of our needs

Apologetic soul

My offering to you

Another failed promise

You are certainly due


Strength has been weakened

Perseverance was lost

Determination a ghost

And dreams paid the cost

More time invested

Yet we are mocked

I can’t squeeze Us in

In the passing of the clock

Forgive me please

As I linger in darkness

Dwell on the grievance

And reality’s starkness

Fallen to the depths

Light too faint to see

Breath is now shallow

So sorry, Dear Me.


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