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So Thirsty

Updated on August 22, 2011

I wake up and look at the clock. Oh shit! Only three hours of sleep and I have 20 minutes to get ready for work, oh no way. I will never make it on time. I slowly crawl out of bed blinded by the obnoxious afternoon sunlight with the feeling of 100 yards of cotton holding my lips, tongue, teeth and esophagus together. So I drown myself in a hot steamy shower trying to wash away the combination of hours of partying and only six hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. The water washes away the troubles, the strain, the pressure, the dirt and hopefully the odor. As I leave the shower, a place of bliss, I watch the water spiral down the drain, taking half of my problems away with it for now. After the shower I brush my teeth thinking that will help to alleviate my cotton mouth but the taste of toothpaste only makes me thirstier and there is nothing to quench my thirst because I am running late.

When I finally get to work I realize that I am only ten minutes late and I am surprised that I am not later. Getting here was only half the battle the other half is actually physically working. Amazingly enough there was no reason to worry I could barely be concerned with anything but the customers during the six hour rush that keeps me busy and craving something to drink or something to rinse my mouth out with. Finally my shift is over and I am able to get my greatly awaited glass of water for my sore throat and dehydrated mouth. I gulp down the water in four seconds flat.

Somewhat refreshed I am prepared to go home and sleep for 24 hours, it has been a very long week. When I get home there is a message from my friend. I debate whether or not to call her back and reluctantly I dial her number. I know what she is calling for before she even picks up the phone on the other end. I prepare myself to say, “No, I am too tired, I am going to bed.” But somehow my mouth says something completely different, “Sure I will be there give me an hour to get ready.” I am not sure if my body is ready for another night of dancing but I head to the club anyway.

At the club I wait for my friend inside on the dance floor where my thirst for water comes back. I want something to drink but I don’t want to leave the dance floor just for a drink of water. Finally a song comes on that I don’t like and I head towards the bar. Water is so expensive they should really give it for free but then how would they make money. I grab a bottle and head towards the speaker to sit and watch the dance floor. The bottle of water is finished before I even get to the speaker. While I am sitting on a speaker next to some Columbian Love God the cotton slowly creeps back into my mouth and down my throat, a cup of ice is thrown by a young man trying to grab the attention of the Spanish speaking sex pot dancing next to me. Now my mind is totally focused on water. I must have more water but do not want to spend more money. I see my friend enter the club and motion her over she makes a gesture to me asking if I would like a drink I can feel my eyes get bigger as I emphatically shake my head up and down so that she understands completely that I need WATER! Yes! She understood completely and I have another bottle of water this one I am going to hold on to and ration through out the rest of the night. I need to pace myself so that the cotton does not have a chance to return. We continue dancing for a few more hours until I can barely take anymore; no more music, no more dancing, and no more standing up. I need sleep.

We finally leave the club and when I get home I immediately jump in the shower. As I wash away yet another day I think to myself, “What the hell would I do without water?” The water rushes over me and I think of a nice soak in a hot tub after a long swim. I exit the shower and slip into bed and into the unconscious state of much needed sleep.

TLC - Waterfalls



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