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Softwood Maple Tree Lamentations

Updated on July 30, 2013

I live in the softwood maple tree

high above the yapping dogs and the lazy cats

that watch me.

I fly through the air with the greatest of ease

and most days i land just wherever i please.

There's a mullberry tree next to my home

and when it bears its fruit I'm no longer alone

The birds they come in numbers

Early in the morning disturbing my slumber.

They somehow think they're better than me

for when i wake to eat my breakfast of berries

they chase me from the mullberry tree.

So I eat late when the sun is high and the birds are lazy

and that woman in the house below thinks i'm totally crazy

But i know a few things the people and the birds don't know

I'll have my late breakfast and I will grow.

And one day when my princess comes along

I'll father many babies who will also mock the bird song.

And when that big yapping dog goes inside

Down my softwood maple tree trunk i will slide

Free food is there - oh such a feast!

Put out for the mockers who sing and who tweet.

I'll fill my cheeks and climb back in my tree

Because I've learned, one way or another

My Heavenly Father takes good care of me.


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  • jcressler profile image

    James E Cressler 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida

    Love it love it! Well done...